Wolfblood FAQ

Welcome to the new updated Wolfblood FAQ!

Let’s get straight into it:

What’s happening with Wolfblood season three?

Season three has now been shown in the UK. As usual, for other countries, please ask your local TV channel, not me, since they’ll know much more than I will.

Does Maddy appear in season three?

SPOILERS –  Aimee Kelly, the actress who plays Maddy, chose to leave the show at the end of season two and go and do other acting projects. So obviously Maddy had to be written out of the show – but look out for a wolf surprise at the very end..!

What about a season four?

We don’t know yet. As soon as I have an answer, I’ll update this FAQ.

How many seasons will there be?

CBBC makes a decision about whether to commission a new season after each season has been shown in the UK. So they’ll make a decision on season four after season three has been shown. This means we have no idea how long the show will run for.

As soon as we have a decision on season four, I will update this FAQ. If I haven’t updated it yet, then no decision has been made.

Will there be another ‘secret episode ‘ in season three?

There will be a number of short ‘webisodes’ available online and via iPlayer in the UK. Whether these will be shown in other countries is up to the local TV channels, so you’ll need to ask them, not me.

Why do you make thirteen episodes a season, when shows on other channels make more?

Thirteen episodes per season is the usual number for CBBC programmes. It’s also as many as we have time, and money, to make each year!

I live in [insert name of country], when will I be able to see Wolfblood?

There’s no point in contacting me to ask about transmission dates for your country, because that’s not part of my job. I often don’t know the show’s on in any given country until after it’s begun showing.

If you know which channel it’s going to be on in your country (in many countries, it will be the Disney Channel),  you’re much more likely to get an accurate answer from the channel than from me – so contact them directly. And the more people who contact the channel about Wolfblood, thus proving it has lots of fans, the more likely they are to keep showing it!

Disney Channel in the US has already shown Wolfblood season one – when will season two be shown?

You need to contact Disney and ask them directly. The more people who contact the channel about Wolfblood, thus proving it has lots of fans, the more likely they are to keep showing it!

When will seasons two and three be on US Netflix?

Some time later this year. for more details, ask Netflix directly.

Where can I watch Wolfblood online?

If you live in the UK, you can watch episodes on the BBC’s iPlayer service. They’re usually available for at least a week after transmission, sometimes longer.

If you live outside the UK, I’m afraid iPlayer won’t work for you, and you’ll have to wait for the show to be shown by your local broadcaster. In the US, individual episodes are available to buy on iTunes, and seasons one is now available on US Netflix.

Any Wolfblood episodes copied to YouTube or similar services will be removed and the poster’s account terminated, so be sensible, don’t take the risk…

But why shouldn’t I watch pirated copes of Wolfblood online? No harm done, right?

Wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

In order to make future seasons of Wolfblood, we need the money that Disney and other broadcasters pay us for the rights to show the current seasons. If people can watch pirated copies on the web, they won’t watch it when it’s on TV, meaning the viewing figures go down and the broadcasters won’t buy it any more – so there’ll be no more money for us to make new episodes. And that means no more Wolfblood, ever.

Even if you claim you’re going to watch the show online and when it’s on TV, the availability of pirated copies will put broadcasters off buying those seasons in the first place. No broadcaster wants to pay money for something that’s already been splashed all over the internet.

So, if you actually care about Wolfblood, you should be reporting people who illegally post it on the internet, not supporting them.

And as for the people rude and ignorant enough to ask me to help them find pirated copies… Would you walk into your local bakers and say “Hey, you make really good bread. Help me steal a few loaves, will you?”  Of course you wouldn’t. So don’t ask me to help you steal my work – or you’ll get an extremely angry and rude response!

Where can I find out who plays which roles/who wrote or directed an episode/ who the designer or composer or DOP etc is?

Best place for finding out about the cast and crew of any film or TV show is imdb.com. Everyone involved with Wolfblood to date is listed at


Which awards has Wolfblood been nominated for/ won?

Wolfblood won the Royal Television Society award for Best Children’s Drama in 2013 (and was nominated again in 2014). It has also been nominated for a RTS North-East award, a Broadcast award, the Prix Jeunesse, a Banff Television Festival award  and four Children’s BAFTAs (including a Best Performer win for Bobby Lockwood).

What is the theme song from Wolfblood? Can I buy the soundtrack?

It’s A Promise That I Keep, music by Andy Price, lyrics Klause White, performed by Lisa Knapp. The soundtrack isn’t available to buy yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed soon…

Will there be a DVD release? 

At the moment, there are two sets of DVD releases:

Season one and season two DVDs have been released in Germany, and are available in many countries via Amazon and other online retailers. They can be played with the original English-language soundtrack (original actors’ voices, music, etc), as well as in a dubbed German-language version. Check your DVD player can play a Region 2 disc before ordering!

And a season one DVD released in the US, available from all the usual retailers. Again, this is available to other countries from online retailers. Check your DVD player can play a Region 1 disc before ordering!

A UK DVD release is planned, but I don’t have any details on when yet.

What about merchandise?

A full range of merchandise is slowly being rolled out. Here’s a summary of what’s available so far:

A one-off Wolfblood magazine has just been released, and is available in UK newsagents, supermarkets, etc. If you can’t find it, or you’re overseas, you can order from


Redbubble have a single (unofficial) T-shirt design at


Wolfblood posters are available from a number of online poster retailers, including Amazon. Google “Wolfblood poster” and you’ll get plenty of options.

Other Wolfblood merchandise is currently being produced and should be available in the UK by the end of 2014.  This will include clothing, stationery, and all kinds of other stuff currently being designed. There is a possibility of games and books as well, but this may take a little longer.

I expect this merchandise will be available by mail order to other countries too – but until we know which retailers will be stocking it, we don’t know.

Will there ever be a Wolfblood movie?

There has been some discussion of a movie, but so far, there are no firm plans for one. If that changes, I’ll update the FAQ. (And if you’re eager to see a Wolfblood movie, the best people to ask for one are CBBC, not me. I’m already convinced!)

Where can I send fan mail to the cast?

If you send it to  [Actor's name], Wolfblood, CBBC, Bridge House, BBC MediaCity UK, Salford, M50 2QH,  it will be passed on to them from there. Alternatively, you could probably find out their agent on Google and send it to the agent’s office – it might well reach them faster that way.

How did you come up with the idea for Wolfblood, and how did it get commissioned?

I speak at length about that here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/writersroom/posts/Wolfblood

I’m interested in writing for TV: can I read one of the Wolfblood scripts?

The script for season 1 episode 10, The Call Of The Wild,  is available to download from the BBC’s writersroom website: go to


Writersroom also has a lot of great information, inspiring stories and details of writing competitions and opportunities, so it’s a good place to get started writing.

Will you read my Wolfblood fan fiction?

The writers and members of the production team are not allowed to read any fan fiction for legal reasons. There have been cases with other shows where fans have sued the show for ‘stealing’ ideas from their fan fiction. The best defence we have have against that is never to read fan fiction, or any ideas submitted by anyone outside the show. Anyway, we really don’t have the time!

How does an episode of Wolfblood get written? What’s the process?

Check out this post


How long does it take to write an episode of Wolfblood?

Hard to say – writers are often working on several different  projects at once – but probably around four to six weeks from beginning to end.

How can I audition to be in Wolfblood? or appear as an extra? 

Realistically, you need to have previous acting experience, and an agent, to have a chance of appearing in Wolfblood (or any other TV show). Shooting takes place on a very tight schedule and a very limited budget, and we have to be sure that everyone we employ knows their job and can do it with the minimum of supervision. And yes, that does make life hard for young actors starting out, but we have to do what’s best for the show…

If you have an agent, they’ll know how to arrange an audition for you. If not: well, acting is a long game, and setting your heart on appearing in one particular show probably isn’t the way to go.

There’s no point in tweeting me or leaving comments here telling me what a brilliant actor you are and asking me to help you get an audition. I can’t, because I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CASTING. Television shows only function if everyone is trusted to do their own job: so I trust the casting directors to do their jobs, and I stick to the writing.

Okay, but I’m interested in a long-term career as an actor – do you have any advice?

Well, obviously this isn’t my field, but I’ll tell you what little I know.  A local theatre group or Saturday drama school is a good place to get experience, and sometimes, to get scouted for local professional productions. Many TV companies talent-spot at local drama schools and youth theatres too – and you’ll also be learning the craft of acting, which is every bit as important as natural talent.

There’s some advice on how to approach an agent here:


Attending drama school or taking a degree in Drama or English may be useful, but it’s not a requirement. The main advantage of full-time study is experience and making contacts. After that, it’s the usual struggle to get noticed – firstly by an agent, then by producers.

Acting is an incredibly competitive and unpredictable business. Ninety percent of students who take a drama degree don’t end up working directly in arts or media. At any given moment, eighty-five percent of professional actors are unemployed.

If you’re going to succeed, you’ll need determination and luck as well as talent. But if you’re really determined, go for it! A lot of people told me I’d never succeed as a writer, and look how that turned out…

I have ideas for episodes or plot lines you could use in future seasons: can I send them to you?

I’ve tried being polite about this, and people are ignoring it, so let me make this very clear. YOU MUST NOT SEND ME PLOT IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS, OR EVEN WOLFBLOOD FAN FICTION. EVER. If people keep doing so, I will have to close down this site.

Writers and production companies have to be very careful that they don’t lay themselves open to accusations of stealing ideas, and because of this, none of us are allowed to read any suggestions, ideas, fan fiction or anything related to Wolfblood. It doesn’t matter if you promise not to sue – we still can’t read it. It doesn’t matter if you say it’s just for fun – we still can’t read it. It doesn’t matter what you say – we still can’t read it!

And anyway, we have lots of stories for the new season already – and I’m sure you can understand that we’d rather write our own ideas than ones given to us by someone else.

How long does it take to film an episode of Wolfblood?

That’s hard to answer, because we don’t start at the beginning and work to the end: all the scenes in one location are filmed first, then all the scenes in another, and so on.

If we’re filming in a location – say, in the school canteen – we’ll shoot the canteen-based scenes from two or three different episodes in the same day, to save time. The most time-comsuming (and therefore expensive) part of filming is moving people and equipment from location to location, so we arrange filming so we move as little as possible.

At a guess, it takes between seven and nine working days to shoot an episode, depending on how many moves between locations, how many stunts, and how many complicated scenes there are.

Where is Wolfblood filmed?

The village we use as Stoneybridge is Blanchlands, in Northumbria. The school, the woods, and most of the other locations are within a few miles of there, and city locations (like those in ‘Eolas’) are in nearby Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

What’s the song used in [insert name of episode]?

Music is chosen by the sound editing department, who know a lot more about all kinds of music than I do! I’m trying to get some answers for the most frequently asked tracks…

Instrumental music in the show is written for the show by composer Andy Price.

What’s your favourite episode? Your favourite character?

People keep asking me these questions, and they’re impossible to answer. When you write something, no part of it, no individual character, is your favourite. You love every part of it for different reasons.

Why is Doctor Whitewood played by a different actor in season three?

The actress who played Doctor Whitewood in season two wasn’t available for the filming of season there, so we had to re-cast.

Do you ever write something for Wolfblood, look at it and think, ‘Oh wait, this is a children’s programme… I can’t write that.’?

We’re all aware of the things that are definitely forbidden: killing, explicit violence, sexual content other than an occasional kiss, etc. But actually, you can tackle most subjects on children’s TV if you frame them in the right way. In season one, we dealt with the care system, verbally abusive parents, cheating in exams, kidnapping, theft, and Shannon being wrongly been sent to a psychologist, all of which is pretty heavy stuff. It’s often a matter of the way you tackle the subject, not what the subject is…

“If you had the chance to become a wolfblood, would you?”

Interesting question. It would be nice to be athletic, and the sight and hearing would be useful. On the other hand, I’m really bad at keeping secrets – so I’d better say no…

“What about if you had to choose between being a wolfblood or a vampire?”

Definitely Wolfbloods! Vampires are addicts. They have no choices in life. Wolfbloods choose every moment how they balance their wolf-self and their human self, and that’s far more interesting…

“If you were a wolfblood, would you want to be tame or wild?”

Good question! As much I love wandering around in the countryside, I think I’d have to go for ‘tame’ in the end. I couldn’t do without a bath and a nice comfy bed!

“I was wondering how Maddy’s parents met? And where do you imagine other wolfbloods meeting each other in general?”

I would think settled Wolfbloods find ways to meet up – secret events, perhaps? Every community has its big events and rituals. As for how Daniel and Emma met… well, maybe one day we’ll find out!

“Do you believe in people transforming into wolves/werewolves?”

I believe in things we have evidence for, and so far, there’s no evidence for werewolves or anything like them. However, the idea is a great way to explore the dark side that we all have, and how we choose to deal with it…

“I’ve noticed that Maddy and other characters often say ‘us’ instead of ‘me’. Is that the local dialect?”

Yes, in the Northumbria/ Newcastle area, it’s perfectly normal to use ‘us’ instead of ‘me’.

“What’s the language spoken by the wild wolfbloods?”

That’s Welsh. This particular wild pack came originally from Wales, but were disturbed by human activity and relocated somewhere north of Stoneybridge  (probably somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland, but wild Wolfbloods aren’t exactly experts in geography…)


My question isn’t answered here!

If your question really isn’t answered here, then PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY before posting your question below.

- DO state your question clearly and simply. I get a lot of vague questions like  “When will it show here?”  (“It” being which season? “Here” being where?)  So try to state your question clearly and reasonably briefly…

- DON’T repost your question if it doesn’t appear immediately. All comments to this site  have to be moderated by me, and if I’m busy, I may not do that for several hours.

- DON’T ASK A QUESTION THAT’S ALREADY ANSWERED IN THE FAQ. You’re just wasting my time, and I’ll probably delete it unanswered.

- DON’T ask what’s going to happen in upcoming episodes. The only response you will ever get is  “no spoilers”.

- DON’T ask me to find information for you when you can find it for yourself. You want to know if a cast member is on Facebook? Go look on Facebook. You want to know how much a Wolfblood episode is on iTunes? Go look on iTunes. I’m not here to run errands for you.

- DO be realistic about how much of my time you’re taking up, and about whether I can actually help with that particular problem. I’ve had people ask me to get them an acting agent, help them get their novel published, and even help them get a date with a member of the cast – none of which I can do!

Bearing all of that in mind, feel free to leave your question in the comments section below, and I’ll answer it as soon as I can…

343 comments on “Wolfblood FAQ

  1. wolfblood lover says:

    In seacon 3 when Shannon ,Tom and rhydian are waiting for Maddy to come back I didn’t undurstand why she didn’t? Why did her family left to Canada? If Dr whitewoods wasn’t a threat anymore. Because rhydian was going to go look for them.

  2. wolfblood lover says:

    in the episode they only say that Maddie and her family was living in a cargo ship to Canada. Does this mean they don’t know they could come back home?

  3. Zaki says:

    How would wolfbloods in wolf form act around other wolfs? And how do you think Mr Jeffries would deal with knowing the wolfblood secret?

  4. desinationx says:

    Hey Debbie! Your show was one of the ones that seriously inspired me. One of two, actually. I have been looking into writing and screenwriting for a while, and thought I should ask experienced people like yourself for any tips on getting started. Specifically getting my screenplays sold.

    Here’s the link: http://desinationx.wordpress.com/2014/10/18/latest-idea-for-a-screenplay/

    (got the blog idea from you) I took your advice and I ordered the book ‘Writing screenplays that sell’, I trust it will be a very big help according to all the reviews I read on it.

    Thanks again, great show, appreciate any suggestions you’d give me.

    • debbiemoon says:

      Depends where in the world you are, of course! In the UK, http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/ is a good place to start. If you’re looking to sell to Hollywood, then listing your scripts on The Black List site, http://blcklst.com (monthly charge) is the best way to attract attention if you don’t have an agent.

      Just FYI, I’m NOT going to click on that link and read your screenplay idea. Writers avoid being exposed to other writers’ ideas, because if they’re already working on something similar, they’d then have to abandon it or risk being sued for ‘stealing’ the idea from the other writer. So it’s considered professional not to send an idea or script to any writer, agent or producer without first asking for their permission to do so.

      Hope you enjoy the book, and good luck!

  5. Katerina says:

    Hello, I hope I’m not bothering you too much with this question. I’m doing a research about werewolves, shifters etc. in various cultures. The basic ideas of TV series Wolf’s blood seemed new and inspiring to me. Could you be so kind to advise me some books, authors etc. on the subject.

    • debbiemoon says:

      Books about Wolfbloods? There aren’t any. The idea of a “Wolfblood” was made up by me, for this series. (Obviously it’s based on werewolf legends, but it sounds like you’re researching those already.)

    • S says:

      I watched the last eps of wolfblood season 3 and right at the end rhydian meets maddy!but in wolf form I think they should have met in human but never mind. I guess that this is the last season ever because most programmes on cbbc end on season 3 but I really hope there will be more.

  6. Katerina says:

    I mean – the werewolf legends of Welsh and British origin, because I can’t seem to find any, so I assumed, since the wolfbloods in the series speak Welsh, some materials like that could’ve been used.

  7. afan1234 says:

    Hi Debbie!
    What do you think Maddy and get family would think of what’s happening in stoneybridge?

  8. Miro says:

    Hi Debbie!
    This episode was awesome! Good job! I have the bad feeling about that the season will end with one telephone call but no matter what that season was awesome!

  9. LOve Wolfblood says:

    Hi Debbie,
    There are only 13 chapters please can you try to make more episodes thanks.

  10. 123 says:

    in the end of episode 11 when jana, rhydian ,shannon and tom go to see jeffries to say thanks he seems to have forgotten everything that happened was this just me or was it supposed to look like that ? :) P.s loving the show

  11. Howlitwithmenow says:

    What is your favourite quote anyone has ever said in wolfblood? (Any series or episode:))

  12. Macie says:

    You no a t the end of episode 11 of wolfblood today and at the end it said next time there was a blue van could that be maddy and her family ? Also the way wolfblood is going on at the moment is that we only have tomorrow and next week and the seris is finished could it end on a cliff hanger or will it be a happy ending

  13. Jade says:

    I absolutely love wolfblood and watching this show makes me so happy, thank you for writing it. I would also like to say that love the way that you have present wolfbloods of people of culture and not the monsters like in horror movies. Also would you like the smiths to return? Something that confused about the 3rd series was why Maddie didn’t contact her friends and why they didn’t try to contact her and tell her it was safe? Thank you,

    • debbiemoon says:

      Maddy’s travelling slowly by cargo ship, and there’s no mobile phone reception in the middle of the Atlantic. I’m sure she’ll get in touch when she can…

    • s says:

      I agree with you.(sorryi haven’t said who i am don’thave the time)wolfblood is the bestshow ever!!pleeeeeeaaaaaassseee let there be a season 4. I literally jumped so much out of excitement after watching season 3 eps 1!!!

  14. Miro says:

    Will difficult roads pass you in straight roads or there will be an ocean between them?

  15. Jessica says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Were you ever hesitant at any point about waiting most of the season to bring Maddy back? Did you or the other writers ever worry about losing viewers/fans leaving her out so long? (And for the record, I still think it’s a great season, just very different dynamic from the first two…)
    Is there supposed to be some underlying message about putting other things before your boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, being responsible, etc?

  16. Whovian1011 says:

    Yes!!! Whovians unite! :3

  17. afan1234 says:

    Hi Debbie!
    As you’ve said before, season 3 is going to end with a happy ending. What is your definition of a happy ending?

    Also, me as well as many people, thought that the person in the telephone box was Maddy, but it turned out to be Rhydians dad. Was intentional for the episode to make the viewers think it was Maddy?

    • debbiemoon says:

      Happy ending – you’ll find out my definition when you see episode 13!
      Telephone box – actually, it never occurred to me that people would think it was Maddy…

  18. imamrx says:

    I think that Cerberus could be the smiths three wolves, one pack.
    I think that the Smith family will return in episode 12. I also think that Sweeney is not the bud guy. I think that Kincaid is the bad guy. He wants to kill al wolfbloods and Sweeney is trying to stop him. Also I think that he first held the Smith’s prisoners and that Sweeney saved them.

  19. sara123 says:

    is there still any chance at all that maddy will come back?

  20. Cat says:

    Hi Debbie, what do you think the Smiths will think about the fact that Jana and Rhydian’s mum are staying at their house

  21. Katie says:

    Who was the wild wolfblood that attacked Rhydian in Season 1 Episode 2: Mysterious Developments??? Was it a character that we know, or was it just some random wild wolfblood???

  22. Chantal says:

    Hi Debbie!

    Wow!!! This episode ( 3×12) I’m completely impressed!!!!!!! That was amazing,incredible,wonderful,and exciting!!! I’m in shock!!!!! Can’t wait until next week! :) Wow!!!!!! Alex and his weird girl mate looked like vampires! Maybe they are :D

  23. Chantal says:

    Liam was so calm, he knows about wolfbloods now, and he wasn’t so surprised…I tought he will be very exciting and he will be in shock after the season 2.

  24. WolfyMolfy says:

    Hiya Debbie, I have 2 questions about Wolfblood. How do YOU feel about Wolfblood? Why did you choose yellow eyes, why not any other colour?

  25. Chantal says:

    Really it’s Meinir?Wow!!!! The girl with Alexander? I’m in schock!!!!

  26. 123 says:

    Who is your favorite recurring character ?

  27. larka1820 says:

    if Meinir is with Alex what happened to the rest of the wild pack?

  28. SquishyPancakes says:

    Hey i know what happens when wolfbloods see dogs but what about cats?
    And also is the fact that liams gradfather was a wolfblood hunter affect the series?

  29. Georgia says:

    Sorry for the silly question but I’ve been watching Wolfblood on BBC Iplayer and there is one episode named “Jana Bites!” But it doesn’t state which episode it is.
    Is it a special?

  30. Jarred says:

    Do you know the song from maddy cool, the part where she changes her look?

  31. Brooklyn says:

    hi debbie! quick question, do the wolfbloods have mates? like life partners or anything like that?

  32. farmgal says:

    Where can i watch Wolfblood Uncovered i cant find it on the CbbC website

  33. Nisa says:

    Why was Mr. Jefferies acting like Jana and Rhydian didn’t exist after he found out about them?? And I’m confused about whose apart of Cerbis or not. (I’m from the USA so I’m not quite sure how to spell it) and why was Liam so willing to help them when in first two seasons he was so eager to find out the truth just so he could expose them??

  34. Bob says:

    When Disney began reshowing the first series instead of the second (in USA) – I wrote them asking about Series 2 & 3. This is the reply I got:

    “Thanks for your interest in WOLFBLOOD. We’re sorry you have not been able to see the second season on Disney Channel.

    It is not on the schedule for October and we have received no information indicating it will be added to the schedule in the future.

    If you would like to ask our programmers to schedule the second season, please write to them at:

    Disney Channel
    500 South Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, California 91521 ”

    So … if someone in the States wants to encourage Disney to show the second & third series – that’s how to do it.

  35. Chantal says:

    Hi Debbie!

    Could we know about Maddy is in Canada already or she is still on that cargo ship? :)

  36. LoneWolf says:

    Judging by how the charts are looking now, do you expect CBBC allowing a fourth series of Wolfblood?

  37. Omg. I can’t wait for the finale! It’s so good season you made,completely diffrent from 1 and 2. And wolfblood rap! :D So,i have a question. How did Kedar Williams did all the tricks on the football scene(jumping,backflips) in Episode Cult of Tom,because it was so amazing! :D

  38. Greetings Debbie!

    I am sure you hear this day in and day out, but y’all have done a really great job with the WolfBlood series. I am across the pond and certainly an atypical fan. I stumbled across the series on Netflix and thought I’d have a watch. Despite the normal public perception of the werewolf phenomenon as being a curse or evil, WolfBlood is a converse fun look into “the simplicity of youth” with a wolfy twist. Good lord I sound old, but lemme tell ya – as I age a little (now 40), I sure do appreciate a throwback to the “simple” problems of being young. WolfBlood takes those and adds a healthy dose of “life-threatening danger” into the mix. As odd as it may sound, the story really captivates me. I was able to ignore the minor technical details of the transformation – like where the clothes go. :) I forget all about that when watching as I am too interested in the story.

    Apologies for the long-winded nonsense above. I’m a radio personality, so it’s my job to rattle on about nothing really useful or pertinent, insult a few folks, and press “play” on the computer for some music. I don’t normally write to TV show or movie staff, but I felt compelled to say thanks for the story and for the nice mental break from my rat-race of a career – otherwise known as the radio industry.

    Please shake Bobby’s and Leona’s paw for me and tell them they have a wolven Yankee fan from across the pond.

    Oh, and I have this fan-fiction I’d lik…. KIDDING… just kidding! >:)

    Wind in your fur and muzzle to the moon…

    Snarl Greywolf
    KHOWL 98.7 FM
    Oklahoma USA

    • debbiemoon says:

      Really glad that you’re enjoying the show!

      • Hey thanks. I have an odd question for you that probably only an American would ask. I have searched for why the British TV series tend to run short (6-12 episodes) and the answers I found seemed to make sense… but over here, even the shows with similar quantity of episodes spread them out at a rate of one per week to lengthen the time by which to keep an audience “on the hook” – Wolfblood appears to run several episodes in a week and run through an entire season in only a couple months. I am just curious as to why… Is there a reason, or really no reason at all?

        Thanks in advance. ~Snarl

      • debbiemoon says:

        CBBC often run their drama series two episodes a week – but as for why, you’d have to ask them!

  39. Miro says:

    Hi Debbie
    It’s correct that you chose yellow eyes. This is the color of the wolves eyes.

  40. Constantinos says:

    Hi Debbie!

    I love “Wolfblood”! I love “Season 3″ and it’s the best season, but I’m so sad that next Monday will be the finale of “Season 3″. Anyway, about the finale, Alex got the wild Wolfblood DNA from the pizza to transform Meinir into a “Human-blood”. What is “Human-blood”?

    I hope you’ll reply and thank you for creating the series! I wish that it will be a “Season 4″!

    Best wishes!

  41. Elena says:

    I think Miro wanted to say European wolves.

  42. Jon says:

    Will there be a full disclosure statement after the season finale regarding the removal of the main character? I presume there is some sort of confidentiality agreement currently in place

  43. Sully says:

    Hey Debbie, I think the serum that Kincaid used on Tom when he fainted was the one he used on Meinir and the rest of the pack to turn them human, Is that correct?

  44. Brianna says:

    Hi Debbie,
    I just wanted to start by saying I love this show! It’s an incredibly original idea, and I think you’ve all done a wonderful job executing it and keeping in touch with the fans, as is obvious by your dedication in replying to these questions. My question is: as an aspiring writer, I’m wondering what it is like for you, in writing and planning out the season’s, to not know whether or not new seasons will be picked up by the network? Does it affect how you write each season? Or do you quite with the hope that it will be picked up so you can add on to the previous season finale? Just wondering as I think it’s incredibly impressive!

  45. jeanette14 says:

    Even though the wild pack is human can it wear off because they were born a Wolfblood and they can get their powers back?

    • Soph says:

      I have a feeling that it will be the serium that tom accidentally used on himself that ends up saving the day and turning them all back into Wolfbloods

  46. Angel Jade says:

    I love Wolfblood!. I hope Maddy comes back in the last episode of Season 3 because it is probably a good moment to save her friends and her true love, Rhydian. Thanks for writing such an awesome show! Why is Alex trying to destroy/end the Wolfbloods?

  47. its killing me having to wait until Monday

  48. Chantal says:

    Hi Debbie! :)

    I don’t want to ask a spoiler about the episode 13. I just read the gossips,and I just can’t believe, is it even possible to wolfbloods can turn back simple human without the wolfblood DNA?

  49. Cat says:

    Do you think that this series finale can live up to last years one ?
    (last years one made me cry )

  50. Sable says:

    I know this sounds a bit odd, but let’s say instead of being a children’s show, Wolfblood became a show geared toward an adult and mature demographic. In this hypothetical situation, how do you imagine the characters and dialogue and events changing? Example: more stories of Wolfbloods attacking humans to keep the secret. I certainly don’t think it would have been better as an adult show, I love it just the way it is, but sometimes I get curious. Being a werewolf show, it certainly appeals to an older audience and that’s what werewolf fans imagine; more mature situations because it’s thrilling. I understand if talking about mature themes is prohibited here for one reason or another, but I certainly hope you get back to me on this question! I hope I worded it in a way that’s easily understandable! Thank you for your time! Keep up the good work!!

    • debbiemoon says:

      Oh, if it was an adult show, it would be different in all sorts of ways. I doubt, though, that it would involve a lot of attacks on humans, because that’s what you’d expect from a werewolf show, and we’ve always tried to do something different…

  51. Daria U. says:

    Hello!I am a bit confused:why when Gerwyn found out about Cerberus,Victoria and the others started chasing him?I understand that Cerberus is a plan that will bring the Wolfblood kind to an end,but why Segolia would create a plan like that?Sorry for my English :)

    • debbiemoon says:

      You’ll find out on Monday.

      • Daria U. says:

        So,it didn’t said in the last episode.Thanks,Debbie :D,and again,sorry for my terrible English!

    • Daria U. says:

      Or,if not Segolia created it,then who did?I do not understand English completely,but I really liked the show,so…

      • Miro says:

        Hi Daria!
        I’m not from UK or country which is speaking English. I understand all the things that they said but that I understand what they said doesn’t mean I know what they are talking about. In the twelfth episode they said only one third of the story and in episode thirteen we will find out the other two thirds of the story.

  52. how did alex find out about wolfbloods?? (sorry if that is confusing, or a spoiler).

  53. Hi Debbie!
    Congratulations on such a brilliant show. My question is, when you first came up with the idea of Wolfblood, did you ever expect it to do so well??
    I am itching to watch the final episode on Monday!! I know it will be fantastic!

  54. Alex says:

    Since episode 12 (season 3) was a full moon, did everyone transform in the back of the truck but remained unconscious the whole time?

  55. Elena says:

    As I see in wikipedia the Viewers for now are many and the show is in the top of CBBC Weekly Ranking so am i supposed to believe that there will be season 4.

  56. Thomas says:

    Thanks for coming to the Mayhem festival today in Nottingham! It was really nice meeting you and the cast, as well as finding out what goes into making an episode of Wolfblood. I’m guessing that you’re not involved too much in deciding when and where to tour, but I can only hope that you all come back soon :) Can’t wait for Monday!

  57. Howlitwithmenow says:

    Does Jana love anyone at the moment?

  58. Mackenzie says:

    Hi Debbie, I just wanted to say that you’re doing an amazing job on the Wolfblood series and I hope there will be a season 4. I’m from America so it’s hard to watch all the seasons but I try to. Anyway, I am very imaginative and had an idea for season 4 if there was to be one. I thought you might like to hear it or not… I just love writing and it’s something. I thought you might like it if you wanted to know the idea. Even though you probably don’t I thought I’d try :)
    Thanks, Mackenzie

  59. if the smiths went by cargo ship 2 months after they left stoneybridge, where did they stay until they lived in canada?

  60. sara123 says:

    why didn’t you include maddy through the whole series?

  61. Beck Woolley says:

    Hi Debbie,

    How long will the duration of the final episode be and if you could only be one person from the wolfblood series? what would you be. When did Wolfblood start and just to let you know i absoloutely love the show.

  62. Jasmine says:

    Hey Debby! I absolutely love your show. Its so good! So my question is, when is episode 13 coming out? I’m in the U.S. currently so i can’t see the commercials. I’m coming back today so i was wondering if I missed it. Thanks!

  63. Jenda says:

    I do not like wolfblood. it is bad. I have bad nightmares

  64. Chantal says:

    Hi Debbie! :)

    When Rhydian said in the season 3 episode 12 the wolf inside knows who it belongs with even if the human in them doesen’t. That means Rhydian knows he belongs to Maddy even if she doesen’t in Stoneybridge? I hope they belong together forever :)

    • Saarah says:

      Yh #FingersCrossed And I always kept myself positive thinking Maddy will return because in WB2 EP13 Rhydian said ‘I’ll find you’ Maddy replied ‘We’ll find each other’ so yh they have to keep their promise right☺☺

  65. Saarah says:

    Hi! Debbie☺, I just can’t wait till Monday☺, I seriously just want Maddy to come back it’s really the only thing that made me sooo eager to watch WB3!!!☺☺☺ However I think this series is the best series of WB & I just can’t wait till the final Ep of WB3 (As I said hp Maddy and Rhydian unite again) & since Maddy’s gone there are lots of problem with the pack they’re always falling out #justsayin The K’s!!!! I didn’t expect that from the K’s always falling out☺☺ ANYWAYS See ya and Thank you for the amazing Ep of WB3☺☺☺☺☺♥♥♥ Me on twitter @a_saarah_a

  66. Saarah says:

    I just want to know why Jana & Rhydian keep reffering to ‘My terriotry my law’ i get it when Rhydian says it but when Jana said it when Victoria comes to take Tom #imconfused

  67. Beck Woolley says:

    Hi Debbie,

    What gave you the idea of wolfblood and how many episodes have you written #wolfblood. Please reply..

  68. Jenda says:

    how do you write episodes

  69. Amber Haley says:

    Do you think you’ll write books? I really love the show and I live in Missouri, US. I watch it on [NAME OF PIRATE WEBSITE DELETED] to keep up with the episodes and watched it all within in a week thus far. I’m obsessed with the series! I absolutely love it and want to thank you for making it and sharing it with the rest of us. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this. Everyone involved has done an amazing job!

    • debbiemoon says:

      Please read the section on piracy and and online viewing in the FAQ, and stop watching pirated copies.
      Books – as I said in the FAQ, we’re looking into that…

  70. Chantal says:

    Hi Debbie! :)

    When Rhydian said in the season 3 episode 12 the wolf inside knows who it belongs with even if the human in them doesen’t. That means Rhydian knows he belongs to Maddy even if she doesen’t in Stoneybridge? :) Their instinct can feel this?

    • debbiemoon says:

      If you’re asking if they’re still in love, then yes, they are.

      • Chantal says:

        That wasn’t exactly my question. But I’m very happy with this answer! :) Thank you Debbie :) What I would like to ask is their wolfside knows who are they belong with? They feel it? Not just about Maddy and Rhydian, for example Ceri and Gerwyn?

      • debbiemoon says:

        Well, I’m always very uneasy about the idea of mystically “knowing who you belong with” and “soul mates”. (And the idea of imprinting is simply emotional abuse.) But – the wolf side is instinctive and primal, so perhaps the wolf’s emotions are stronger than the humans…

  71. Chantal says:

    Thank you so much Debbie!!! :-)

  72. Alex says:

    How fast does a Wolfblood run in human form like Rhydian and Dacia in 3×01? How about in Wolf form?

    Also thank you for the amazing season. I watch many shows and Wolfblood series 3 is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Thank you for it all and if Wolfblood is renewed for season 4, I will look forward to it then. Thank you very much!!

    • debbiemoon says:

      We’ve never really decided exactly how fast they run. A wolf can run at up 45 mph, so in wolf form, our Wolfbloods probably do about the same. In human form, maybe a little faster than an Olympic sprinter – but a sprinter can only keep up that speed for short distances, and our Wolfbloods can run for hours…

  73. dsvirk says:

    I love wolf blood in series three i feel the secret is out jeffies liam knowing it seems to me getting out of control . I am in suspense of where the series will go .

  74. Lindsey Stout says:

    This is a fabulous series, totally engaging for adults as well as tweens and teens. I love the accents, the locations, the screenwriting, the acting, the stunts, the CGI wolves…travelling community, vegetarianism versus meat eating, love it all. 47 year old childminder in the Highlands with Welsh connections…all my kids, 10 and up are watching the latest episodes on iplayer and telling all their friends. FANtastic!

  75. will there be a series 4?!!!??!!

  76. Cat says:

    OMG !!! that episode was unbelievable :)
    I was wondering whether or not you had any information on season four…
    PS loved the ending

  77. maddian4ever says:

    hi CBBC didn’t say if there’s going to be a season 4 or not so could you please say if there is. Just finished watching the final of season 3 and I still am crying!

  78. Wolfblood_fan says:

    Is there going to be a wolfblood season four plz tell me I am dieing ti know x

  79. Wolfblood xx says:

    Is there going to be a wolfblood season four plz tell me I am dieing to know x

    • ???? says:

      If you want one that badly email them. If enough people do, then, in theory, they’ll have to…or they’ll lose money…I think…

      No expert here

  80. Chantal says:

    If Maddy left the show, why we had to kept our hope about Maddian? :( I’m so dissapointed :( It will never happens…without Maddy the Wolfblood never will be the same :( :( :(

    • debbiemoon says:

      You got your happy ending. Rhydian and Maddy are together and safe at last.

      • Chantal says:

        But we won’t see it :( I know, it’s Aimee’s decision. It was amazing season finale,and of course it was a happy ending,and really thank you for it! But I really wanted to see,just like every fans,we waited for Maddy for a year,and we tought we will see their first date and see they as a couple,and we never won’t :( If there will be season 4 Rhydian will be in love someone else. :(

  81. Macie wolf says:

    Why couldn’t they put amiee kelly in at the end of wolfblood and great ending though yay maddy ! Season 4??

  82. Emily says:

    last year they said at the end of the final there would be a season three is there going to be a season 4

  83. Emily says:

    Thanks :)

  84. sara123 says:

    why didn’t you disappoint us before the series began and not get our hopes up about maddy coming back?

  85. Chantal says:

    So Rhydian chose Maddy over everyone? He went to Canada after her,because he knew she is his happiness? :)

  86. Chantal says:

    I saw it, and I loved it, just we won’t see Maddian again, and it would be nice to hear the same from you too :)

  87. wolfblood4ever says:

    another series has come and gone. I’m happy that they found eachother again like they promised but I really wanted to see Aimee Kelly. Dont get me wrong I loved it. But wouldn’t it have made more sence if Maddy and her family were caught by Cerberus?.Well who am I to complain we should be happy they atleast found eachother again.

  88. Tommy Wall says:

    So has Bobby left Wolfblood

  89. Cat says:

    Thanks for replying so quickly Debbie, I loved the happy ending for series 3 and we all got to see Maddy and Rhydian reunite. I just have a few questions:
    1) does this mean that Rhydian will live with the Smiths now?
    2) I just read why Aimee didn’t return for series 3 but if she came back for series 4 ,if series 4 happens, would you bring Maddie’s familly back to Stoneybridge
    3) Does this mean that if there is a series 4 there will be 2 new lead characters

  90. Tommy Wall says:

    Is strange how emotion and sad am feeling and maybe some of the fans as well do you think that is strange Debbie

  91. Elena says:

    Hi Debbie
    You made fabulous season. I don’t want to be rude but end with honor. I mean that you made everything in conclusion but you didn’t show how Jana’s and other characters’ lives will go on. If there is a new season you should make it with a new name Wolfblood – something. New heroes, new situations, new places.

  92. ???? says:

    Season three just ended
    A) can we expect a reappearance from maddy?
    B)can we get excited about a new series
    C) Why are they all leaving? They didn’t do their GCSEs? And they’re year 10

  93. Elena says:

    The site of CBBC doesn’t let us because we aren’t in UK. Why?

  94. Wolffire says:

    Which episode was emotional to right? The Discovery or Moonrise,

  95. lowri says:

    Mark(mr jeffries) posted a picture on twitter while wb was been filmed and he mentioned something about the wolf pack and saving it and his face was covered in like bubbles and scars etc what was this? Do you know :)

  96. yasmani diaz says:

    Are seasons 2 and 3 gonna be uploaded to Netflix?

  97. rugbyfreak10 says:

    Anything about season 4 yet?

    Now a long wait again

  98. Laura says:

    If Aimee Kelly had wanted to continue doing wolfblood do you think series 3 would have changed and if so why.
    And what will you do if cbbc decide not to make a series 4 (let’s hope they do)

    • debbiemoon says:

      Of course it would have been very different. But we never considered how, because we knew she wouldn’t be there.
      And if Wolfblood doesn’t return – and even if it does – I will make other shows…

  99. Mark Hobson says:

    Will season 4 be on air in September 2015?

  100. Mark Hobson says:

    Will season 4 be on air in September 2015 just like this year if there is a season 4? P.S: I love wolfblood so much great job! :)

  101. Mark Hobson says:

    Hey Debbie! Just 1 question? Will season 4 be on air in September 2015 just like this year if there is a season 4? P.S: I love wolfblood so much great job! :)

  102. Emily says:

    Because Aimee left this season to try some new things , say there is a season 4 and no one was interested in leaving for something else do you reckon everyone would come back for it including Aimee :)

  103. Emily says:

    Okay Thank You

  104. Caitlin says:

    Hi Debbie I’m just wondering if you know if there is going to be a season 4

  105. Jessica says:

    I feel very disappointed. I feel as though I was led on, with all the secrecy, to watch the entire season of the show with absolutely no chance that Maddy would come back. If I had known this from the beginning, to be completely honest I would have lost interest in the show. I still thought the show this season was well – written… but it is no longer the same show that captivated me during seasons one and two. I continued to watch all these episodes, under the false impression that Maddy would return and the original Wolfblood dynamic would be restored. I was so overcome by irritation during the closing scenes of the final episode, feeling led on about Maddy’s return, that I didn’t even really enjoy the reunion (or should I say CGI reunion). I hope I don’t sound rude, and I suppose you didn’t have any options when Aimee left the series, I just wish things had been more transparent from the start, so that those who have wanted the original dynamic and main characters back could have accepted this loss from the start. I had pre-ordered season 2 on DVD, and honestly I may cancel it because if there is no chance EVER of Maddy returning, I don’t really have interest in the show as a whole. As someone else has suggested, it may as well be called something else. I wonder if Aimee Kelly realizes how she has, with her decision to “pursue other interests”, completely ended the Wolfblood we all came to love.

    • Soph says:

      I feel very similarly to you, I felt almost betrayed when I found out aimee had left at the end of season 2 but nobody told us. When my favourite show leads me on for over a year, It tends to tarnish the outlook I have on the entire program. I hope that everyone involved has managed to accomplish all that they have set out for, it is a shame however that the show has such a different feeling from the first season that all the fans know and love and if it is renewed for a fourth season I will watch it with a heavy heart. I wish I could say this show will always have a place in my heart but I am afraid that is just not true anymore… 😞 😖

    • Wolf_out says:

      Omg I feel the same way you do, very disappointed 😕😔 .
      I don’t watch t.v @ all, and it was by accident that this show became my favorite, and to find out that this show will possibly have a season 4 to it and finding out that there won’t be an original Maddy kills the excitement ..

      • Jessica says:

        That’s how it happened for me also! I watch literally no tv, except for Wolfblood, which I caught by accident at a friend’s house and fell in love with. I made it a point to take the time to see each episode this season, all the while feeling bad for Aimee Kelly that they had left her out of the episodes for so long (how ironic). I was completely SHOCKED to find out she had left the show. I assume the decision was made even before last year’s BAFTA interviews, during which she goes on about how no one knows where the show will go. I can’t help but think she made a huge mistake in leaving, as the show was really going places. I don’t see anymore how other networks like Disney will want to broadcast more seasons, knowing the main character actress has quit. The whole thing makes me so sad. With all that, though, the writers still did an amazing job with the episodes and remaining characters. Just wish we had all known the truth…

    • IvoryUkuleleApple says:

      I agree. I think that I would have enjoyed the series more if I had known from the start that Aimee Kelly has quit the show. I wouldn’t have spent every episode waiting for her to come back. I think that the writers have done a good job of trying to keep the show alive without her, but the dynamic has totally changed. I understand that the show has to be ‘fresh’, but to be honest, series one is my favourite! i hope Aimee Kelly changes her mind and comes back, because the show isn’t the same without Maddy. I don’t understand why we couldn’t have been told that she wasn’t returning, it would have improved the series.

    • bloodmoon says:

      Same! I think season 3 was incredibly weak without Maddy, it just made the show feel like one big wait that I had to watch every week just to see if Maddy was coming back and to see if it would go back to normal but it didn’t. This show was such an inspiration for me and helped me so much but with Maddy gone there was nothing really to relate to this season. It also felt very childish this season this could have been because of me being three years older than when the show stated or the fact that the writers stuck to the age range for CBBC, but this was the only thing I still watched on CBBC. I’m just sad I didn’t stop watching at the end of season 2. This season was a bit of a waste, with the occasional good episode the rest were pretty bad.

  106. Sanah Xx says:

    Omg I absoloutely loved it
    The ending was amazing and hopefully there will be a 4th season
    Thank you Debbie for giving us this amazing show

  107. unknown says:

    Do you plan on bringing rydian back? And will maddy ever come back at anypoint in the series?

  108. Maddy says:

    Wow the last episode made me cry wish we could have seen maddy not in wolf form as well great series

  109. Wolf_out says:

    If Sharon and Tom has a “thing” going on, what will happen to Tom and K?

  110. Gillian says:

    I was wondering for ages, what happens when a wolfblood is pregnant? Do they still transform? If they do, does the baby also transform inside them? And what happens if they give birth in wolf form? Will the baby stay a wolf until it can transform?

    • debbiemoon says:

      Well, that’s a good question! They’d still transform, but the baby… Wouldn’t? Hmmm. Maybe we should have thought about this earlier! :)

      • Wolf_out says:

        None of my business but, maybe female wolfbloods shouldn’t transform into wolf form while being pregnanted until after lol..

  111. Elena says:

    Hi Debbie!
    Louisa said “Some fans gave us wolf ears today! We’re still wearing them…and somehow…I think we always will.” This sounds like saying goodby.

  112. Elena says:

    If there is season 4 will Bobby be there or not because he is in Canada?

  113. Shannon says:

    I have to say that I am almost 17 years old and whether it is normal for me to do it at my age or not, but for every single episode, I sit in front of CBBC and watch Wolfblood with complete and utter dedication. For a children’s programme, Wolfblood is very mature, and for it to result in me tearing up at the end of each season, means that you are fast becoming one of my favourite television writers of all time (and at the same time, one of my most disliked, lol). Thank you for helping CBBC to grow up and appeal to an older audience, and I eagerly await the possibility of a new season.

  114. wolfblood forever says:

    Will you shot season four and when is it going to be shown on TV?

  115. if there is a series 4 will you try to get Aimee back?

  116. .Chestnutpony. says:

    Hi Debbie, I love Wolfblood and I think season 3 was excellent! Sad maddy left though. I realy hope there’s a season 4!.
    I love Wolfblood, but my favourite episode was in season 1 when maddy shared her first transformation with rhdyian.

  117. Maddianforever says:

    If there is going to be a season 4 is there a chance it be in Canada or has that even crossed your mind

  118. Elena says:

    Hi Debbie!
    I think saying Aimee left the show isn’t a spoiler. Big part of the audience was waiting for her and didn’t understand the great story and drama of Segolia.

  119. BigFan says:

    Maddy appeared for 30 seconds. Yay!

  120. Caitlin says:

    Hi Debbie . I think the vast majority of the viewers including myself where hoping that maddy would come back and that maddy and rhydian would be together. As we seen in the season finale they are now together in Canada and if rhydian and or maddy don’t comeback into the new season of there ever is one , then it would quite honestly be boring

    • emma says:

      I have to disagree here. It wouldn’t be boring. Can I remind you the amount of characters this show has, all with there own stories to be told. Shannon, Tom, Jana, Whitewood, Jeffries, Jimi,Sam,Siam, Kay, Kara, Katrina, Sweeny, Dacia, Mrs Vaughan, Aran, Meinir, the twins, Ceri, gerwyn e.c.t. and each with incredible actors who play them. So many stones un turned and questions to answer. How does Kara deal with collage, and does Kay excel in fashion? How does Jimi, Sam and Liams paintball business go? How do Shannon and Tom maintain there relationship, what courses does tom take to university? Is he still cooking like in season 1, or is he following a sports path, how is Rhydians foster family doing, does the Kafe live on past small town Bradlington? Is Jeffries still teaching and how is meinir coping now she is human? And how does Jana cope without big brother Rhydian around, and how did she do in her GCSEs? This show has created such a large world and so many of these characters are still left to explore. I adore Aimee and Bobby, I really do. And as sad as it would be to lose them, i think I could still live a series without them to learn more about these characters who may have been overshadowed. This series is so beautifully written it can survive even with two major character losses, because it has so much depth and characters.

  121. dsvirk says:

    Great show wolfblood do u know long long it takes to know if season 4 will happen , its killin me not knowing

  122. Wbfm says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO I (we) want season 4 and see Maddian again I CANT LIVE WITHOUT WOLFBLOOD :(

  123. S.Howl says:


    I just wanted to pop in and let you know I enjoyed the finale of season 3. Even if there is no season 4, I am perfectly happy where season 3 ended. It gives closure on the Maddy/Rhydian relationship, and ties up the ends of the plot nicely.

    Hope you are well, and enjoying your day,

  124. emma says:

    Do you think meinir will go back to the wild, even without her abilities, and whatever she chooses how do you think she will cope? Also it was really lovely to meet you this Saturday :)

  125. Chantal says:

    Hi Debbie! :-)

    I was dissapointed because of Aimee Kelly and because of the Maddian of course. We had to accept it. I did it. I just would like to say thank you Debbie Moon,for everything. You have a patience for answering all those question what we asked. You and all writers and the all cast made a perfect job with season 3. It was incredible, amazing,very very exciting and it was so grown up. I’m so grateful for all your answer and the storyline. You gave us a happy ending even if Maddy is actually wasn’t in the show. It’s very important for a Maddian fan. I don’t know what will happens in the future,but I hope Wolfblood will returns with season 4.

    I read what you wrote, I don’t ask about who won’t return in season 4. I think we will find out someday. All I ask is when we will know anything about who will or who won’t be in season 4?

  126. 20Alex14 says:

    Hey Debbie,
    do you have got any ideas for season 4?

  127. sophie says:

    Hi Debbie i just want to say a massive thanks to you for everything i really hope there will be a series 4 I’m a massive fan you have done a brilliant job on the show thanks again . xxx

  128. SerbianWolfbloodLover says:

    Hi Debbie!I have 1 question .If Amiee wasn’t left,wold Maddy be in season 3?(sorry for spelling mistakes :) )

  129. Wolf 💗er says:

    Hi Debbie in episode 9 Jana sed that it was her favourite one to film but why?

  130. khadija says:

    Hi Debbie I just want to know how can I play wolfblood games because I am outside of UK and I am thinking about when I get older I am going to move to UK.

  131. Caithlyn says:

    Hi there Debbie in just wondering if there is any specific name for wolf blood fans . Great job by the way

  132. larka1820 says:

    Quick question, for the last episode Alric left with the rest of the pack so did he rejoin the wild pack or stay as a lone wolf.
    Also if he did return did he regain his title as alpha of the pack???

  133. Chantal says:

    Hi Debbie! :)

    When the end of season 3 episode 13 Jana and Rhydian had a conversation. Jana said ” you would have made a brilliant alpha just not mine”…it means she tought for Rhydian as her alpha? I mean I tought Jana always wanted to be the pack leader. Or it was like a romantic feeling? Or Jana and Rhydian’s relationship was like a brother and sister relationship? :)

  134. Caithlyn says:

    Hi again debbie in just wondering if there is any chance of a season 4 could maddie return as a different person (not aimmee)

  135. Katie says:

    If they were only 15 years old in season two, and season 3 is only two or three monthes after that, then how could they have graduated at the end of season three??? I live in the US, so I don’t know if this is correct, but on IMDB it says that they leave school at the end of season three. Does that mean they just left for a break or did they graduate???

  136. Macie says:

    I no someone else posted that would you put a difference after in for maddy and you replied that wouldn’t be very believable then if season 4does come along what are you going to do about amiee and I no that amiee has a twin sister but she isn’t a actress so .

  137. woflblood4life says:

    If there is a wolfblood season 4 will maddy be in it

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