Wolfblood FAQ

Welcome to the new updated Wolfblood FAQ!

Let’s get straight into it:

Will there be a Wolfblood season three?

Yes, there will! Season three has just finished filming, which means it will be on screens in the UK about September 2014.  (And no, we can’t make it any faster than that!) As usual, it will be thirteen episodes.

Who will be writing season three?

I’ll be writing five episodes: in addition, we’ll see episodes from Wolfblood veterans James Whitehouse & Hannah George, from Sophie Petzal (writer of the ‘secret episode’), and also, new to the series, Neil Jones, Catrin Clarke, Paul Mousley and Lee Walters.

Will all the cast return for season three?

We won’t be releasing any information about which characters and actors will return, certainly not until just before transmission. After all, that would effectively be a spoiler. And talking of spoilers…

Can you tell us what’s going to happen in season three? 

No. At least two-thirds of the questions I’m asked, here and on Twitter, are requests for plot spoilers. Let me be clear here: I’m not going to tell you anything about upcoming episodes  – and you don’t actually want me to.

There’s a reason they call them ‘spoilers’ –  because they spoil your enjoyment of the series. I worked hard on this show, as did a lot of other people, and we want you to enjoy the episodes as they air, not have the experience ruined by leaks and gossip. So wait until the episode is transmitted; it will be more fun in the end!

Will there be another ‘secret episode ‘ in season three?

There will be some online content, yes, but you’ll have to wait to find out what!

What about a season four? How many seasons will there be?

CBBC makes a decision about whether to commission a new season after each season has been shown in the UK. So they’ll make a decision on season four after season three has been shown. This means we have no idea how long the show will run for.

Why do you make thirteen episodes a season, when shows on other channels make more?

Thirteen episodes per season is the usual number for CBBC programmes. It’s also as many as we have time, and money, to make each year!

I live in [insert name of country], when will I be able to see Wolfblood?

There’s no point in contacting me to ask about transmission dates for your country, because that’s not part of my job. I often don’t know the show’s on in any given country until after it’s begun showing.

If you know which channel it’s going to be on in your country (in many countries, it will be the Disney Channel),  you’re much more likely to get an accurate answer from the channel than from me.  And the more people who contact the channel about Wolfblood, thus proving it has lots of fans, the more likely they are to keep showing it!

Disney Channel in the US has already shown Wolfblood season one – when will season two be shown?

You need to contact Disney and ask them directly. The more people who contact the channel about Wolfblood, thus proving it has lots of fans, the more likely they are to keep showing it!

Where can I watch Wolfblood online?

If you live in the UK, you can watch episodes on the BBC’s iPlayer service. They’re usually available for at least a week after transmission, sometimes longer.

If you live outside the UK, I’m afraid iPlayer won’t work for you, and you’ll have to wait for the show to be shown by your local broadcaster. In the US, individual episodes are available to buy on iTunes, and seasons one and two will be available on Netflix by the end of 2014.

Any Wolfblood episodes copied to YouTube or similar services will be removed and the poster’s account terminated, so be sensible, don’t take the risk…

But why shouldn’t I watch pirated copes of Wolfblood online? No harm done, right?

Wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

In order to make future seasons of Wolfblood, we need the money that Disney and other broadcasters pay us for the rights to show the current seasons. If people can watch pirated copies on the web, they won’t watch it when it’s on TV, meaning the viewing figures go down and the broadcasters won’t buy it any more – so there’ll be no more money for us to make new episodes. And that means no more Wolfblood, ever.

Even if you claim you’re going to watch the show online and when it’s on TV, the availability of pirated copies will put broadcasters off buying those seasons in the first place. No broadcaster wants to pay money for something that’s already been splashed all over the internet.

So, if you actually care about Wolfblood, you should be reporting people who illegally post it on the internet, not supporting them.

And as for the people rude and ignorant enough to ask me to help them find pirated copies… Would you walk into your local bakers and say “Hey, you make really good bread. Help me steal a few loaves, will you?”  No. So don’t ask me to help you steal my work – or you’ll get an extremely angry and rude response!

Where can I find out who plays which roles/who wrote or directed an episode/ who the designer or composer or DOP etc is?

Best place for finding out about the cast and crew of any film or TV show is imdb.com. Everyone involved with Wolfblood to date is listed at


Which awards has Wolfblood been nominated for/ won?

Wolfblood won the Royal Television Society award for Best Children’s Drama in 2013 (and was nominated again in 2014). It has also been nominated for a RTS North-East award, a Broadcast award, the Prix Jeunesse, a Banff Television Festival award  and four Children’s BAFTAs (including a Best Performer win for Bobby Lockwood).

What is the theme song from Wolfblood? Can I buy the soundtrack?

It’s A Promise That I Keep, music by Andy Price, lyrics Klause White, performed by Lisa Knapp. The soundtrack isn’t available to buy yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed soon…

Will there be a DVD release? Books? Merchandise?

At the moment, there are two DVD releases:

A season one DVD released in Germany, which is available in many countries via Amazon and other online retailers, and can be played with the original English-language soundtrack (original actors’ voices, music, etc), as well as in a dubbed German-language version. Check your DVD player can play a Region 2 disc before ordering!

And a season one DVD released in the US, available from all the usual retailers. Again, this is available to other countries from online retailers. Check your DVD player can play a Region 1 disc before ordering!

There are no DVDs of season two available yet. A UK DVD release of season one is planned, but I don’t have any details on when yet.

Wolfblood merchandise is currently being produced and should be available by autumn 2014.  This will include clothing, stationery, and all kinds of other stuff currently being designed. There is a possibility of games and books as well, but this may take a little longer.

Where can I send fan mail to the cast?

If you send it to  [Actor's name], Wolfblood, CBBC, Bridge House, BBC MediaCity UK, Salford, M50 2QH,  it will be passed on to them from there. Alternatively, you could probably find out their agent on Google and send it to the agent’s office – it might well reach them faster that way.

How did you come up with the idea for Wolfblood, and how did it get commissioned?

I speak at length about that here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/writersroom/posts/Wolfblood

I’m interested in writing for TV: can I read one of the Wolfblood scripts?

The script for season 1 episode 10, The Call Of The Wild,  is available to download from the BBC’s writersroom website: go to


Writersroom also has a lot of great information, inspiring stories and details of writing competitions and opportunities, so it’s a good place to get started writing.

Will you read my Wolfblood fan fiction?

The writers and members of the production team are not allowed to read any fan fiction for legal reasons. There have been cases with other shows where fans have sued the show for ‘stealing’ ideas from their fan fiction. The best defence we have have against that is never to read fan fiction, or any ideas submitted by anyone outside the show. Anyway, we really don’t have the time!

How does an episode of Wolfblood get written? What’s the process?

Check out this post


How long does it take to write an episode of Wolfblood?

Hard to say – writers are often working on several different  projects at once – but probably around four to six weeks from beginning to end.

How can I audition to be in Wolfblood? or appear as an extra? 

Realistically, you need to have previous acting experience, and an agent, to have a chance of appearing in Wolfblood (or any other TV show). Shooting takes place on a very tight schedule and a very limited budget, and we have to be sure that everyone we employ knows their job and can do it with the minimum of supervision. And yes, that does make life hard for young actors starting out, but we have to do what’s best for the show…

If you have an agent, they’ll know how to arrange an audition for you. If not: well, acting is a long game, and setting your heart on appearing in one particular show probably isn’t the way to go.

There’s no point in tweeting me or leaving comments here telling me what a brilliant actor you are and asking me to help you get an audition. I can’t, because I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CASTING. Television shows only function if everyone is trusted to do their own job: so I trust the casting directors to do their jobs, and I stick to the writing.

Okay, but I’m interested in a long-term career as an actor – do you have any advice?

Well, obviously this isn’t my field, but I’ll tell you what little I know.  A local theatre group or Saturday drama school is a good place to get experience, and sometimes, to get scouted for local professional productions. Many TV companies talent-spot at local drama schools and youth theatres too – and you’ll also be learning the craft of acting, which is every bit as important as natural talent.

There’s some advice on how to approach an agent here:


Attending drama school or taking a degree in Drama or English may be useful, but it’s not a requirement. The main advantage of full-time study is experience and making contacts. After that, it’s the usual struggle to get noticed – firstly by an agent, then by producers.

Acting is an incredibly competitive and unpredictable business. Ninety percent of students who take a drama degree don’t end up working directly in arts or media. At any given moment, eighty-five percent of professional actors are unemployed.

If you’re going to succeed, you’ll need determination and luck as well as talent. But if you’re really determined, go for it! A lot of people told me I’d never succeed as a writer, and look how that turned out…

I have ideas for episodes or plot lines you could use in future seasons: can I send them to you?

I’ve tried being polite about this, and people are ignoring it, so let me make this very clear. YOU MUST NOT SEND ME PLOT IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS, OR EVEN WOLFBLOOD FAN FICTION. EVER. If people keep doing so, I will have to close down this site.

Writers and production companies have to be very careful that they don’t lay themselves open to accusations of stealing ideas, and because of this, none of us are allowed to read any suggestions, ideas, fan fiction or anything related to Wolfblood. It doesn’t matter if you promise not to sue – we still can’t read it. It doesn’t matter if you say it’s just for fun – we still can’t read it. It doesn’t matter what you say – we still can’t read it!

And anyway, we have lots of stories for the new season already – and I’m sure you can understand that we’d rather write our own ideas than ones given to us by someone else.

How long does it take to film an episode of Wolfblood?

That’s hard to answer, because we don’t start at the beginning and work to the end: all the scenes in one location are filmed first, then all the scenes in another, and so on.

If we’re filming in a location – say, in the school canteen – we’ll shoot the canteen-based scenes from two or three different episodes in the same day, to save time. The most time-comsuming (and therefore expensive) part of filming is moving people and equipment from location to location, so we arrange filming so we move as little as possible.

At a guess, it takes between seven and nine working days to shoot an episode, depending on how many moves between locations, how many stunts, and how many complicated scenes there are.

Where is Wolfblood filmed?

The village we use as Stoneybridge is Blanchlands, in Northumbria. The school, the woods, and most of the other locations are within a few miles of there, and city locations (like those in ‘Eolas’) are in nearby Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

What’s the song used in [insert name of episode]?

Music is chosen by the sound editing department, who know a lot more about all kinds of music than I do! I’m trying to get some answers for the most frequently asked tracks…

Instrumental music in the show is written for the show by composer Andy Price.

What’s your favourite episode? Your favourite character?

People keep asking me these questions, and they’re impossible to answer. When you write something, no part of it, no individual character, is your favourite. You love every part of it for different reasons.

Do you ever write something for Wolfblood, look at it and think, ‘Oh wait, this is a children’s programme… I can’t write that.’?

We’re all aware of the things that are definitely forbidden: killing, explicit violence, sexual content other than an occasional kiss, etc. But actually, you can tackle most subjects on children’s TV if you frame them in the right way. In season one, we dealt with the care system, verbally abusive parents, cheating in exams, kidnapping, theft, and Shannon being wrongly been sent to a psychologist, all of which is pretty heavy stuff. It’s often a matter of the way you tackle the subject, not what the subject is…

“If you had the chance to become a wolfblood, would you?”

Interesting question. It would be nice to be athletic, and the sight and hearing would be useful. On the other hand, I’m really bad at keeping secrets – so I’d better say no…

“What about if you had to choose between being a wolfblood or a vampire?”

Definitely Wolfbloods! Vampires are addicts. They have no choices in life. Wolfbloods choose every moment how they balance their wolf-self and their human self, and that’s far more interesting…

“If you were a wolfblood, would you want to be tame or wild?”

Good question! As much I love wandering around in the countryside, I think I’d have to go for ‘tame’ in the end. I couldn’t do without a bath and a nice comfy bed!

“I was wondering how Maddy’s parents met? And where do you imagine other wolfbloods meeting each other in general?”

I would think settled Wolfbloods find ways to meet up – secret events, perhaps? Every community has its big events and rituals. As for how Daniel and Emma met… well, maybe one day we’ll find out!

“Do you believe in people transforming into wolves/werewolves?”

I believe in things we have evidence for, and so far, there’s no evidence for werewolves or anything like them. However, the idea is a great way to explore the dark side that we all have, and how we choose to deal with it…

“I’ve noticed that Maddy and other characters often say ‘us’ instead of ‘me’. Is that the local dialect?”

Yes, in the Northumbria/ Newcastle area, it’s perfectly normal to use ‘us’ instead of ‘me’.

“What’s the language spoken by the wild wolfbloods?”

That’s Welsh. This particular wild pack came originally from Wales, but were disturbed by human activity and relocated somewhere north of Stoneybridge  (probably somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland, but wild Wolfbloods aren’t exactly experts in geography…)


My question isn’t answered here!

If your question really isn’t answered here, then PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY before posting your question below.

- DO state your question clearly and simply. I get a lot of vague questions like  “When will it show here?”  (“It” being which season? “Here” being where?)  So try to state your question or comments clearly and reasonably briefly…

- DON’T repost your question if it doesn’t appear immediately. All comments to this site  have to be moderated by me, and if I’m busy, I may not do that for several hours.

- DON’T ASK A QUESTION THAT’S ALREADY ANSWERED IN THE FAQ. You’re just wasting my time, and I’ll probably delete it unanswered.

- DON’T ask what’s going to happen in upcoming episodes. The only response you will ever get is  “no spoilers”.

- DON’T ask me to find information for you when you can find it for yourself. You want to know if a cast member is on Facebook? Go look on Facebook. You want to know how much a Wolfblood episode is on iTunes? Go look on iTunes. I’m not here to run errands for you.

- DO be realistic about how much of my time you’re taking up, and about whether I can actually help with that particular problem. I’ve had people ask me to get them an acting agent, help them get their novel published, and even help them get a date with a member of the cast – none of which I can do!

Bearing all of that in mind, feel free to leave your question in the comments section below, and I’ll answer it as soon as I can…

113 comments on “Wolfblood FAQ

  1. Alpha says:

    Hey Debbie,
    First i would like to say( I already posted here before but well.) that wolfblood is awesome. It is my favourite show (And im 17 years old). Season 2 was great and i think season 3 will rock too.

    Now to a little question which came through my mind while watching season 2:
    The wolves look way better in season 2 than in the first season. Did the special effects team change programs or something? They look more natural and realistic.

    Thanks for putting so much work into the show and this homepage! I hope Wolfblood gets a fourth season. It obviously deserves more views.


  2. um, well as you are the creator of wolfblood (which is epic – I hope you realize that you are extremely talented, and many of us look up to you in your work:D) -do you think because the wolfblood audience is growing up, every season (once a year) the characters and story lines become more sophisticated and there are larger and more serious issues dealt with but it is dealt in a way that children won’t find to upsetting> (sorry if that is confusing, it just came to me that you don’t have the same mind set over two years -and things change you, and for me that is reflected in wolfblood.)
    also in going underground after Maddy says something along the lines of ‘I won’t let you face Alric on your own’ in the darkroom -why did Rhydian sound frustrated and kick the darkroom door?
    also if you were in a pack (like Maddy’s or Jana’s) would you be the leader of the pack or not?
    also do you think if Jana did leave the wild (again) would you think that there would be chance of Maddy becoming Alpha of the pack (as she was Alpha in the tamed society and she is best friends with Jana) -or would Aran and Menir become leader?

    • debbiemoon says:

      1) The original Wolfblood audience are certainly growing up, but we also have new, young fans joining all the time. And I think we’ve always dealt with big issues – just in a way that the whole audience can understand and empathise with.
      2) I really don’t remember now. Probably he was annoyed that Maddy won’t let him do the stupid thing and go alone!
      3) Oh, I don’t think I’m leadership material! :)
      4) Well, I suppose there’s always a chance…

  3. do you think it is possible for Mr Jeffries to have a mental breakdown just because one of his favourite students (more like a teachers PET!!) left?

    • debbiemoon says:

      I think if poor Mr. Jeffries ever does have a mental breakdown, it will be because of the very odd things that happen at Bradlington High every single week! :)

  4. what social events do you think woflbloods come together> E.g – a ritual or a meeting…

  5. Like humans and clinical lycanthropy do you think that wolfbloods can think that they are human being and not wolf -bloods? for example when it is a full moon they are in shock so much that they forget their transformation the day after?

    • debbiemoon says:

      Well, that’s pretty much what happened to Rhydian during his first transformation. But long-term? I don’t know. I’m not sure it’s a traumatic enough experience to produce that level of disassociation… But then I’m not a psychiatrist…

  6. Amelia says:

    I was just wondering, if your dad is an alpha male and your mum an alpha female do you automatically become an alpha male/female as well or do you have to prove yourself or do something first?
    Sorry if this question is confusing!

  7. are there tamed wolfbloods in the government or house of parliament -only because if anyone did find out about the wolfblood secret couldn’t the tamed wolfbloods with more authority and power -stop them or make out that, that person is lying?

  8. do you ever find it hard to improve or to develop the characters at times (after all, wolfblood is a perfect show but some how it always gets better -and for me that is impossible)?

    • debbiemoon says:

      Well, I suppose it’s not about making the characters “better” – it’s about how they react to each other and to the things that happen to them. So each development leads naturally to other new developments…

  9. Amelia says:

    Because wolfbloods are scared of fire does that mean that they cannot have bbqs or have gas hobs?

  10. Amelia says:

    ok thanks!!!!!!!!

  11. in the wild, do you think if an omega wolf challenged the alpha and won (or did something so impactful) do you think that the wolfblood would become Alpha?

  12. wolfblood no.1 fan says:

    Hi Debbie I just want to say thank you for creating the wolfblood series and I hope it continues in the future, me and my sister are hooked on it and we are constantly watching the seasons over and over ! I have two questions … how many series do you think there will be and what is bobby Lockwood like in real life ?

    • debbiemoon says:

      I really have no idea how many seasons there will be – we’ll keep making them as long as CBBC wants them!
      Bobby is very much like the rest of the cast – dedicated, professional, energetic and funny. They’re a great bunch!

  13. um if a wolfblood from a different pack entered another packs territory and challenged the pack and then won against the Alpha, would that wolfblood become the Alpha of that pack or not (sorry if that is confusing..)

  14. why was Rhydian reluctant in telling Maddy what the wild was like and what he had done wrong (even though it felt like the human world wasn’t real in the wild -he could still have told Maddy why he came back?)?
    do you think that if most tamed wolfbloods went to the wild and came back would they be like Rhydian in leader of the pack?
    Also what happened to Emma’s cousin (Louise?) who went wild after using eolas – is she still alive or has she found a pack or a lone wolf?

    • debbiemoon says:

      I think it’s fairly clear from the opening episodes what Rhydian’s feeling at this point, and why…
      It depends on what kind of person they are, I suppose.
      Perhaps we’ll find out about Emma’s cousin at some point…

  15. Emily says:

    Hi Debbie!
    I just wanted to ask you, do you have a favourite Katrina moment? She is quite a humorous character and I frankly love her. I like how she always asks why. Also, did you intend her to be like this? I love how you write the drama and fit in Katrina’s one liners and the comedy of other characters. I think that’s why I love Wolfblod. It has a mixture of great drama, emotion, comedy and romance. Can’t wait to see what you have done for series 3! Thanks Debbie :)

    • debbiemoon says:

      Hmm, I’m not sure I have a favourite moment. She’s such fun to write for. But yes, she’s very much the way we wanted her to be…

      • WolfbloodLover says:

        Hi Debbie! I was just wondering on how do you get inspired to write such great scenes and details for the she? Of course I’m a huge fan and I just wanted you to know that you are the best writer and I am glad that you are the writer and not some nobody because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way you take the time to write such good stuff! So thanks! :-)

      • debbiemoon says:

        I don’t think any writer should be described as “some nobody” – all writers have their unique talents…
        But to answer your question: it’s very hard for any writer to say where their ideas come from, they just… come. But the key to writing individual scenes is usually character. If you know your character well enough, you’ll know what they will do next.

  16. Harry says:

    Hi Debbie,
    The second series of Wolfblood was fantastic, but ended on quite a sad note (beautifully written by the way!). Were you concerned about ending the series in such a sad way, especially on a show that is aimed primarily at children? Also, as the series are commissioned one at a time, did you think that that could potentially be the way the entire show ended?

  17. Macie says:

    Today at 4.5o wolfblood seris 2 is showing again and today is a full moon and also a super moon what a coincidence !

  18. Wolfblood says:

    What is the name of the school used for wolfblood?

  19. Wolfblood says:

    How does it feel like to be the creator of wolfblood?

  20. Wolfblood says:

    Wow, I can see d super moon

  21. Winston says:

    So if it’s august then they’ll release the trailer sometime in the month right or is it just gonna suddenly come on and then wolfblood comes on ?

  22. Hello, Please tell me you do not know when will season 3 on the internet and where it can be viewed? Many thanks in advance!

  23. um in leader of the pack, Maddy in the hall smells Rhydians scent but it appears that she doesn’t recognize it – it is just that i thought normally wolfbloods have different scent markings and their pack members can recognize that, or is it just because he has been away for too long? :D
    because they are sort of kind of, some how related to wolves -do they have to brush their teeth (guess from wildbloods, maybe not???)
    thank you very much for youe time.

  24. Wolfblood says:

    How do u find the characters of wolfblood like for example Emma is caring

    • debbiemoon says:

      Well, it’s difficult to say where characters come from, exactly – a lot of the time they just appear when you’re writing. But there are certain types of character you need to make a story work: the emotional one, the thinker, the doer, the rebel… So if you’re stuck, thinking about which types of character you need to create conflict and generate plot can help.

  25. Lucy Budge says:

    In one of the episodes of wolfblood, during series 2, Maddy, Rhydian, Shannon and Tom are at Bernies. Maddy leans over and whispers in Rhydian’s ear and he grins. Maddy’s parents are watching through the window, and Emma says something along the lines of “we’ll wait until its official”. I don’t understand what this means! Is it anything to do with their relationship or something else entirely? Thanks :)

  26. Amelia says:

    Debbie Moon,
    In your faq it says to report pirated copies of wolfblood, I have recently found that episodes of season 1 and wolfblood uncovered and all the episodes of season two are on a website called [DELETED] I hope this is useful.

  27. what do you think would be peoples reaction (for example liam and c.o) if they found out the wolfblood secret?

  28. WolfLover says:

    Hey Debbie! I just wanted to say that I LOVE the Wolfblood show! I am a teenager living in America so I’m sad that I won’t be able to see series 3 when it premieres in the UK but maybe the wait will make me even more excited for it when it comes here!
    So on to my actual question- I know you said that you can’t read any fan fiction or show ideas. Is the same true for fanart? I love the series and just finished a picture of Maddy and Rhydian that actually turned out ok. If we gave you links, could you look at our art as long as it sticks directly to the show (no spoilers, own ideas, etc.)? If not that’s totally fine. I just love the show and want to show people how much I love it. :)

    • debbiemoon says:

      The problem, to be honest, is time. I get dozens, sometimes hundreds, of Wolfblood fans on this blog every month – and if I agree to look at one person’s artwork, I have to agree to look at everyone’s, and then everyone will expect comments, and if I say I like it they’ll send me more, and more…

  29. mashon jhuan says:

    when in September is it coming on

  30. laura says:

    Hello Debbie,
    I am really looking forward to series 3, and just wanted to ask do you get nervous about whether people will like the new series or not?

  31. laura says:

    And also where did you get the word eolas from, as in Ireland it mean information.

  32. wolfblood4ever says:

    hi Debbie.

    My sis and I are big fans of wolfblood and enjoyed the series of one and two. my question is : Is most of the music from wolfblood traditional Irish music. Sometimes I think I can hear Irish music being played. Again I love the series of wolfblood and I am excited to see series 3.

    • debbiemoon says:

      As I say in the FAQ, all the music is written specially for the show by composer Andy Price. It certainly has the feel of traditional Celtic music, very deliberately so…

  33. FullMoonWolf says:

    Hey ik you might not like this but i live in an area where wolfblood isn’t aired at ALL and i didn’t know you hated internet sites that show your episodes until now. The thing is i feel really guilty but if i can’t watch online or on TV do you have anyways in which i can see Wolfblood safley and without causing trouble? Because i can tell you, I. Am. Wolfblood. Obssessed.

    • debbiemoon says:

      Every creator/writer hates pirate websites. (Reasons for this are clear in the FAQ.) If you wish to watch the show legally, you have the option of iTunes episodes where available, or importing it on DVD. Anything else is illegal, and destructive to the show and to the television industry.

      • FullMoonWolf says:

        okay i’ll find other ways and i just need to tell you WB is probably the only TV show i have been obssessed with this much I love it SO much thank you for replying :)

  34. samantha says:

    how do you describe maddy on the set with rihdian at this point

  35. Eve says:

    First of all, I’d like to ask how you got into the screen writing career as I know that is a potential field of work for me.
    Secondly, I’d just like to say thank you for creating Wolfblood- I’ve loved watching the character development over the past two series and I’m looking forward to seeing the new storylines in upcoming episodes :)

    • debbiemoon says:

      I started off wanting to work in theatre, but also wrote, and a director was interested in adapting one of my short stories as a short film, which steered me off into writing for film and television. Then there were the usual years of writing scripts that didn’t get made, until eventually some did…

  36. Macie says:

    Hi Debbie I love your work and I just have one simple qestion how does it feel to write something and then it turns into a hole show and every one loves it . Also I love to write story’s and my English teacher said if I carry on like this I would get an a star I was wondering if you have any writting advice ? For when you don’t no what 2 write next ? . Thanks for ya time .

    • debbiemoon says:

      It’s great, of course, to be able to work with such talented people and see your work enjoyed by so many viewers.
      As for the writing question: do you mean when you don’t know which story to write, or when you’re halfway through a story and you get stuck? If you don’t know which story to write, pick the one that excites you most. If you’re stuck part way though, think about your characters. What would *this particular character* do next? If you know your characters, you’ll know what they’ll do next.

  37. wolfblood4ever says:

    hi Debbie
    will Ireland be getting season 3 at the same time as the UK?
    I ask this cause today I was trying to watch the first episode of the second season on CBBC I player and it wouldn’t let me.

  38. wolfblood4ever says:

    ok thx

  39. ambsjackson says:

    Sum up the first episode of series three in 3 words :)

  40. Maddie says:

    Oi Debbie!
    Eu moro no Brasil e só tive acesso a primeira temporada, mas eu ainda tenho algumas perguntas pra te fazer:
    Qual seria a reação dos WolfBlood em contato com os verdadeiros lobos?
    Como você, ou outra pessoa, escolheu os atores? Foi tipo: “Você é o que eu precisava”, eles fizeram testes, foram descobertos?

    • debbiemoon says:

      I’m sure Wolfbloods would get on very well with wolves!
      The actors are chosen by the casting directors – it’s their job to know all the new, exciting young actors and where to find them.

  41. KC says:

    Hallo. I was wondering if you know how I can get in touch with Disney channel, and ask them to air the second season of Wolfblood. I can’t wait for it to come out!
    I wish Wolfblood could be year round, like those Vampire shows. But whatever is needed for this astounding show is good for me!

  42. Courtney says:

    I don’t know if this counts as a spoiler question but have u finnished filming the series because bobby Lockwood is is in the new bbc 1 tv series tumble thanks :) xxx

  43. tanya says:

    What is you way to became a writer of scenario? Have you a special education?
    And what was the idea: Maddy and Ridian love each other at first sight or Ridian had fall in love erlier.
    Thanks, I think all crew do a great job. Sorry for my English

    • debbiemoon says:

      I studied Drama at university, planning to direct for theatre, but ended up writing instead. See the link in the FAQ to the article on how Wolfblood was commissioned, this will tell you more about my early career.
      I don’t think it was love at first sight – more like them growing to appreciate one another.

  44. Could you lease sum up the finale of wolf blood series 3 in four words?

  45. ambsjackson says:

    Are all Wolfbloods ab negative blood type?

  46. Hannah from SLOVENIA says:

    Dear debbie!

    I love WolfBlood and i have some questions for you:

    -I realy love animating and wolves and i was wondering how much time and how many people do you need to make wolf animations?

    -Will there be more wolf scenes?

    -Will maddy came back?(you don’t need to answer if you don’t want to)

    -Will season 3 came on 8th September? I heard many rumours and i want to hear from you.

    • debbiemoon says:

      I don’t have anything to do with the animation – it’s all done by German company Trixter – so I really don’t know…
      There may be more wolf scenes, possibly…
      As always, no spoilers!
      I don’t know yet.

  47. Dude from another universe says:

    Where do their clothes go when they transform?
    How do they transform?

  48. what happened to Jana’s mother?
    are wolfbloods better swimmers than humans (if they are sort of related to dogs?)
    why haven’t there been wolfbloods already, who have exposed themselves that they are wolfbloods, to humans? (as there have been hundreds of years before the Stonybridge pack -surely the world should know by now? Afterall-there has been plenty of time and changes to the human and wolfblood world..)
    thanks for your time (also i would like to say thanks for inventing wolfblood -my 8 week niece falls asleep really quickly by listening to pull out the moon -by miss shannon kelly:D)

  49. jada says:

    When will season 3 be broadcasted

  50. Question Guy says:

    Questions about show:
    How many people are requierd to make a normal episode of wolfblood?
    How many times they the do scenes(because of mistakes)?
    Why does casting take so long time?

    Questions about characters in show:
    What happend to Rhydian’s father?
    Will be there any romance between side/main characters besides Maddy and Rhydian?

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