House Hunting For Werewolves

Finishing up the last couple of Wolfblood scripts  (incidentally, expect a report from the set soon!),  and that’s got me thinking about the importance of choosing the right location for a story.

When I first started working on Wolfblood, my werewolf family lived in a small town.  The countryside was a place they went at the weekend, a place they longed to be, but everyday life got in the way.  It was only as I started working with CBBC that we realized the countryside was key to this story.

If you were a werewolf, would you live in a town?  Of course not.  You’d live right out in the country, where you could indulge your senses and your animal agility as much as possible.  But you’d still have to restrain yourself in some way –  even in the wildest parts of Britain, there isn’t room to run free without risking being seen by someone.

So, as we discussed setting the story in wilder and wilder places – as Shropshire gave way to Yorkshire, and finally Northumbria –  the theme of the story came into sharper and sharper focus.  Our characters are surrounded by nature, open space, the literal call of the wild – and that just makes restraining their wolf-nature even harder.  The struggle they face, the choice between ‘civilization’ and ‘the wild’, is right there on the screen, and a lot of that is simply choice of location…

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