So, What’s Going On With Wolfblood?

Been a bit quiet on here recently, mainly because I’ve been in London dealing with the tail end of Wolfblood season one. So this is just a quick entry to bring you all up to date.

Our wonderful visual effects bods are wrangling pixels as we speak, and on Thursday I saw the first two episodes fully graded, mixed and generally ready for the small screen. Only I saw them on a big screen, in a screening room, which was rather wonderful. Who doesn’t want to see their vision ten feet high? The directors and the team have made both the locations and our cast look fantastic, and the newly added score was pretty splendid!

I also had a chance to meet some of our European co-producers, and learn a few things about the television landscape on the European mainland. (Fun fact: Midsomer Murders is huge in Germany. Who would have thought it?)

Though alas, the writers’ room plan to sell an Australian spin-off series so we all get free holidays Down Under is not going well. Dingo-blood, anyone?



The transmission dates are still a closely guarded secret (or maybe they just haven’t decided yet. Closely guarded secret sounds better, so I’m going with that.) But sometime this autumn. More updates from me on Twitter – @DebbieBMoon –  and on the blog, as soon as I have more information…

One comment on “So, What’s Going On With Wolfblood?

  1. Gabbie says:

    Dingo-blood??? Sounds great to me, Ms Moon! Dingoes rock – only it is such a shame that they are actually decreasing in numbers because of wild dogs : (

    I live in Australia and absolutely LOVE Wolfblood. And my cousin loves it. And my little sister likes it. And my other cousin likes it. And some of my friends like it! This only leaves one question – why does the CBBC make all of the good shows??? (which I can’t see!)

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