Behind The Scenes on Wolfblood Season Three!

Want to see behind the scenes of Wolfblood season 3, hosted by Louisa Connelly-Burnham (Shannon)? Of course you do!

I happen to know there’s more of this footage – including an interview with me – so keep your eyes peeled for future installments…

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3 comments on “Behind The Scenes on Wolfblood Season Three!

  1. Sophie says:

    Hello Debbie. I am a teenage fan of Wolfblood, and I get very emotional. Season 2 episode 13 was AMAZING, but I cried soo much, that I came straight onto the internet to see if Aimee was returning. No one, but the actors and cast of Wolfblood, know, and this has driven me, along with other fans, insane. I pretty much well up in tears at the thought of Maddy (Or Maddian) being destroyed. I really hope the third season will be as good as the second and first, and includes Maddy once more, as she is the main character. My friend and I have had many arguments of whether or not she returns, and I have been the negative one.

    xx Pack Member, S.

  2. admin says:

    I remember Louisa filming this! When will more of the behind the scenes clip be available including your interview?

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