August Is The Busiest Month…

… as T.S. Elliot probably didn’t say. Anyway, this is just a brief post to say that I’m having a very busy month writing, and something’s got to give, so I probably won’t be posting anything here until September.

Until I change my mind and post something anyway, that is.

See you in the autumn…

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2 comments on “August Is The Busiest Month…

  1. James Lyons says:

    Good for you! Keep the creativity flowing.

  2. J.D. Taylolr says:

    I’m busy with my literary flair too. Aside from the novel I’m writing, which I Tweet about whenever I’ve completed a chapter, namely “Someone Has Just Been Murdered”, I’m also writing the synopsis for a pilot episode script for a programme idea. The working title I have for it is “Darkness Dominates”.

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