New Year, New Writing

Yup, it’s the time of year for New Year’s Resolutions again! And I thought I’d throw the blog open to all the writers out there, and ask – what are your writing-related resolutions for 2015?

Bear in mind that there’s no point in resolving to do something that’s beyond your control. You can’t resolve to sell a script next year, that’s up to the producers who read your work – but you can resolve to write a script that’s polished enough to be saleable. You can’t resolve to get a Hollywood blockbuster made – but you can resolve to make a short film, or write that blockbuster you always wanted to write (which is exactly what I did last year!).

So, writers – what are your plans for next year? State them here, and you’ll have to stick to them!

6 comments on “New Year, New Writing

  1. I would love to be writing for a great CBBC series, but the final say there is out of my hands so I’ll say finish my rom-com spec feature script. Half a script is no use to anyone, and that’s entirely within my power to change. 2015, bring it on!

  2. adaddinsane says:

    No resolutions – just goals: I’ll be publishing 12 books in 12 months, though everything I’m doing is geared towards making a very specific web serial. Probably won’t write any scripts this year (no time!) unless someone pays me or this happens:

    I also applied to the latest CBBC writing thing. You know, I was in the same CBBC writing thing that you were all those years ago, not saying you pipped me at the post (because I wasn’t close enough to the finish line to get pipped) but I made it past the first round. So pleased it was Wolfblood that happened as a result.

  3. I’d have applied for the CBBC New Voices Initiative myself, but apparently I’m over-qualified. Curse you, Nina and the Neurons, for giving me too many broadcast credits!

  4. Tony Lee says:

    Actually, it’s to go backwards!

    At the end of this year I was talking to a producer who had read a screenplay for a VERY low budget horror I did when I first started to move from comics back in 2011. He liked it, and was interested in talking more. I remembered the script however as one I wrote for a friend in a couple of weeks and was terrible. I asked to have a month to go back over it, to see if I could ‘tinker’ with it.

    And, looking back at it, and with three years more experience in film and TV, the mistakes are glaringly obvious.

    But that had me thinking – what else did I write back then that never went anywhere? There was a crime film, a horror, a heist, a revenge flick, all quickly put together to get an agent – and never pushed afterwards. Reading through them, the scripts are very ‘first draft’, but there are ideas that, if worked on *could* make something nice. Ideas I wasted, and then forgot about.

    So my resolution this year is to look over *all* of my old ideas and scripts, comic, audio and screen, and ensure that I haven’t forgotten something. And, to take these old scripts and look at making them better. If I can? Great. If I can’t? Then at least I tried to polish a rock, and know when to give up.

    Writing is recycling. Always.

  5. Amelia says:

    Finish all my novels, edite all of them. Elevate the quality of my writing and develope better plot lines. I wish I could self publish at least 4 or 5 books this 2015, who knows if I finish them I will!
    Have a Happy New Year, Debbie! Greetings from México 🙂

  6. Pete Chown says:

    I’m part way through the first draft of my second novel, so I suppose my resolution is to get that finished and edited.

    I enjoyed Wolfblood even though I’m really too old! My main interest is horror, so although Wolfblood isn’t ‘horrifying’, I was interested to see an original take on werewolves. I liked Teen Wolf too, which came at some similar ideas in a very different way.

    I started writing my draft last year, and I wanted to invent a monster. I’d just read Polidori’s The Vampyre, which did a lot to create modern horror. He put an aristocratic figure (modelled on Lord Byron) in his book as a vampire, and so prepared the way for Dracula and all the others.

    With so many vampire stories written now, I didn’t think there was much scope for a big change. After spending weeks trying to design my new monster, I decided on a new view of incubi and succubi. So far they seem interesting enough to keep the plot moving, and I think I know what the ending is going to be, so I’ve just got to finish writing it and see where I end up!

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