Wolfblood Season Four BAFTA Event


Excellent day at BAFTA London today, showing the first two episodes of Wolfblood season four to a very excited audience! You can see a lot of the event, including the Q&A, on the BAFTA training site, baftaguru.org, which is full of great information about working in the creative industries.

On Tuesday 8th March, CBBC will be showing the red carpet interviews and the Q&A from the Newcastle event, interspersed with the first two episodes. From the following week, Wolfblood shows two episodes a week, on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Hope you enjoy!








3 comments on “Wolfblood Season Four BAFTA Event

  1. A Quinton says:

    Hello there. Firstly, well done to all involved with series 4 of Wolfblood. A tour de force and a great example of how to extend and build on an existing drama series. The decision to move into the city was inspired and the finale without spoilering has again expanded the fictional universe of Wolfblood. There are a huge variety of stories waiting to be told and I hope CBBC allows a new series of them for us to enjoy. This series has legs and should run and run…

    • debbiemoon says:

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      • A Quinton says:

        Hello again. I enjoyed it immensely. Having three children it is great that quality drama is still written specifically for young people. We are currently, via IPlayer, watching from the beginning. At the moment we are at the start of series two.
        That first episode of series one is an half hour masterclass in how to start a drama serial. It is Wolfblood’s equivalent of An Unearthly Child. (Dr. Who 1963) It is concise and atmospheric storytelling.
        You are hooked in from that first scene… and by the end of the episode you are desperate to know what happens next.
        Enough rambling! All the best for all your future projects…

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