No News Is… No News. I Suppose.

Well, we’ve all been waiting for a decision on Wolfblood season six for a while now, so I figured I should say something. Even if I don’t actually have anything to say…

CBBC haven’t commissioned a new season (yet), and all their 2018 shows are already filming. So there won’t be a new season of Wolfblood in 2018.

But they haven’t officially cancelled the show either. So they could come back to me at any moment and ask me to start work on a new season. Though now it wouldn’t be on TV until 2019 at the earliest, of course.

So… we’re in TV limbo. Don’t expect a new season imminently – but on the other hand, it’s not impossible that one might suddenly be commissioned at some point…

In the meantime, five seasons of wolfy fun are being repeated on CBBC (and iPlayer), shown on various channels around the world, and available on DVD. I hope you continue to enjoy them!


One comment on “No News Is… No News. I Suppose.

  1. Tami Schultz says:

    I think you should bring back wolfblood 1 characters (Maddie and Rhydian)(Idea all grown up and getting married and maybe thinking about kids) and weave them in the current episodes. Better ratings if you do that. Just a thot. Because i would love to see that happen.

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