Wolfblood FAQ

Welcome to the new updated Wolfblood FAQ! 

Will there be a fourth season?

Yes, CBBC have just confirmed that there will be a fourth season. Obviously we have a lot of contractual stuff, and a lot of time in the writers room, to get through before we can announce any specifics about cast, filming dates, transmission dates, or indeed anything else – but as soon as I have more details, I’ll update the FAQ.

So basically, if you have a question about the fourth season and the answer isn’t on the FAQ yet, then I don’t know yet!  :)

The one thing I can confirm is the writing team. Wolfblood veterans Sophie Petzal and Neil Jones will be returning, and we’ll be joined by new arrivals Furquan Akhtar and Matt Sinclair. I’ll be writing four episodes, and everyone else two each, giving us a twelve episode season this year.

Will Aimee Kelly (Maddy) return to season four? 

Aimee Kelly left the show over two years ago, and currently has no plans to return.

And since people keep asking the same questions over and over, let me overstate this a little….That’s no plans to return at all. Not for season four, not for any future seasons. Not even for one episode. Not at all.

Is there anything we – or you – can do to persuade Aimee Kelly to return? 

Honestly? No. Actors leave shows. That’s a basic fact of television. Change is not only inevitable, it’s good: shows that remain exactly the same forever become stale and boring, to write as well as to watch. And Wolfblood was always a show about a species, not one individual.

It’s been over two years since Aimee Kelly filmed her last scenes: she’s moved on, the show has moved on, and everyone’s just going to have to accept that.

Why don’t you just cast a new actress to play Maddy?

We don’t recast major roles. That’s never convincing, and it’s insulting to the original cast as well as the new cast (actors aren’t interchangeable objects that can be swapped like light bulbs). We have occasionally recast very minor roles when it was unavoidable (usually because an actor became unavailable at short notice), but we’d never do it with a lead role.

Will Aimee Kelly ever return for a cameo appearance as Maddy?

At the moment she has no plans to do that – but who knows what might happen in the future?

What about the rest of the cast, will they be in season four?

It’s going to take a while to sort out which actors are available when, and to negotiate contracts etc. We’ll  make an announcement as soon as we can – though because things often change at short notice, that announcement is unlikely to be made until we start filming…

When will season four start filming?

We don’t know yet. Once we can announce that, we will.

When will season four be on television in the UK?

We don’t know yet. Once we can announce that, we will.

Will there be a fifth season? How many seasons will there be in total?

CBBC makes a decision about whether to commission a new season after each season has been shown in the UK. This means we have no idea yet whether there’ll be a fifth season, or how long the show will run for.

Why do you make twelve or thirteen episodes a season, when shows on other channels make more?

Twelve to thirteen episodes per season is the usual number for CBBC programmes. It’s also as many as we have time, and money, to make each year!

I live in [insert name of country], when will I be able to see Wolfblood on TV or on Netflix?

There’s no point in contacting me to ask about transmission dates for your country, because that’s not part of my job. I often don’t know the show’s on in any given country until after it’s begun showing.

If you know which channel it’s going to be on in your country (in many countries, it will be the Disney Channel),  contact that channel directly, and they should be able to give you an answer.

If you’re watching on Netflix, then obviously, contact Netflix. (Please note, Wolfblood is only available on US Netflix, not Netflix in the UK.)

And of course, the more people who contact the channel about Wolfblood, thus proving it has lots of fans, the more likely they are to keep showing it!

Where can I watch Wolfblood online?

If you live in the UK, you can watch episodes on the BBC’s iPlayer service. They’re usually available for a month after transmission (and when the show is repeated, they go back onto iPlayer for a month).

If you live outside the UK, I’m afraid iPlayer won’t work for you, and you’ll have to wait for the show to be shown by your local broadcaster. In the US, individual episodes are available to buy on iTunes, and are also on US Netflix.

Any Wolfblood episodes copied to YouTube or similar services will be removed and the poster’s account terminated, so be sensible, don’t take the risk…

But why shouldn’t I watch pirated copes of Wolfblood online? No harm done, right?

Wrong. Completely and utterly wrong.

In order to make future seasons of Wolfblood, we need the money that Disney and other broadcasters pay us for the rights to show the current seasons. If people can watch pirated copies on the web, they won’t watch it when it’s on TV, meaning the viewing figures go down and the broadcasters won’t buy it any more – so there’ll be no more money for us to make new episodes. And that means no more Wolfblood, ever.

Even if you claim you’re going to watch the show online and when it’s on TV, the availability of pirated copies will put broadcasters off buying those seasons in the first place. No broadcaster wants to pay money for something that’s already been splashed all over the internet.

So, if you actually care about Wolfblood, you should be avoiding people who illegally post it on the internet, not supporting them.

Where can I find out who plays which roles/who wrote or directed an episode/ who the designer or composer or DOP etc is?

Best place for finding out about the cast and crew of any film or TV show is imdb.com. Everyone involved with Wolfblood to date is listed at


Which awards has Wolfblood been nominated for/ won?

Wolfblood won the Royal Television Society award for Best Children’s Drama in 2013 (and was nominated again in 2014). At the Children’s BAFTAs, Bobby Lockwood won Best Performer in 2013, and I won Best Writer in 2014.

It has also been nominated for a RTS North-East award, a Broadcast award, the Prix Jeunesse, a Banff Television Festival award and four other Children’s BAFTAs in 2013 and 2014.

What is the theme song from Wolfblood? Can I buy the soundtrack?

It’s A Promise That I Keep, music by Andy Price, lyrics by Klause White, performed by Lisa Knapp. The soundtrack isn’t available to buy yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed soon…

What’s the song used in [insert name of episode]?

Music is chosen by the sound editing department, who know a lot more about all kinds of music than I do! And the instrumental music in the show is written for the show by composer Andy Price.

However, since 90% of music questions are about the track used in ‘Maddy Cool’ – many fans seem to think it’s Sunshine by Toni Cataldi. They may be right, they may be wrong, but that’s as much as I know…

Do you use real wolves when filming the show?

No. The wolves are computer-animated by our effects company, Trixter.

Will there be a DVD release? 

At the moment, there are two sets of DVD releases:

Season one, two and three DVDs have been released in Germany, and are available in many other countries via Amazon and other online retailers. They can be played with the original English-language soundtrack (original actors’ voices, music, etc), as well as in a dubbed German-language version. Check your DVD player can play a Region 2 disc before ordering!

And all three seasons are available on DVD in the US, available from all the usual retailers. Again, these are available to ship to other countries from Amazon and other online retailers. Check your DVD player can play a Region 1 disc before ordering!

A UK DVD release for all the seasons will hopefully happen eventually, but I don’t have any details on when yet.

What about merchandise?

A range of merchandise is slowly being rolled out. Here’s what’s available so far:

A one-off Wolfblood magazine was released in October 2014. You can still order copies, for delivery to the UK or overseas, from


Wolfblood posters in several different designs are available from a number of online retailers. Google “Wolfblood poster” and you’ll get plenty of options.

A Wolfblood mug is available from gb.posters.com, and probably from elsewhere as well.

There are children’s pyjamas, produced by Fashion UK, available on Amazon.co.uk and elsewhere.

And inevitably, there are various items of fan-designed unofficial merchandise available on various sites.

Other Wolfblood merchandise is currently being considered. Once I have more information, I’ll update the FAQ. I expect this merchandise will be available by mail order to other countries too – but until we know what it is and which retailers will be stocking it, we just don’t know.

Will there ever be Wolfblood books?

We’ve just signed a contract with a publishing company to produce novelisations (book versions of the TV episodes) and other Wolfblood books. There’s some information on that here


As soon as I have more information about when the books will be out, I’ll update this section.

Will there ever be a Wolfblood movie?

There has been some discussion of a movie, but so far, there are no firm plans for one. If that changes, I’ll update the FAQ.

Where can I send fan mail to the cast?

If you send it to  [Actor’s name], Wolfblood, CBBC, Bridge House, BBC MediaCity UK, Salford, M50 2QH,  it will be passed on to them from there. Alternatively, you could probably find out their agent on Google and send it to the agent’s office – it might well reach them faster that way.

How did you come up with the idea for Wolfblood, and how did it get commissioned?

I speak at length about that here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/writersroom/posts/Wolfblood

Are you ever going to feature vampires in Wolfblood? What about other supernatural creatures?

No, definitely no vampires! Vampires bore me: they’re whiny and self-obsessed. I don’t see what they would add to the show.

At the moment, we have no plans to feature any other supernatural creatures in Wolfblood. We’d rather do one thing well than throw in all kinds of creatures and over-complicate the show.

How can I audition to be in Wolfblood? or appear as an extra? 

You need to have previous acting experience, and an agent, to have a chance of appearing in Wolfblood (or any other TV show). Shooting takes place on a very tight schedule and a very limited budget, and we have to be sure that everyone we employ knows their job and can do it with the minimum of supervision. And yes, that does make life hard for young actors starting out, but we have to do what’s best for the show…

If you have an agent, they’ll know how to arrange an audition for you. If not, well, your first task is to get an agent! And remember, acting is a long game, and setting your heart on appearing in one particular show probably isn’t wise. Concentrate on creating a career for yourself, not just getting this one job.

Please note – I get a lot of messages from people telling me at great length how brilliant they are and what their drama teacher says about them and how many plays they’ve been in… Sorry, but you’re telling the wrong person. I don’t make the casting decisions. That’s the job of the casting director, and I stand back and let them do their job.

I’m interested in writing for TV: can I read one of the Wolfblood scripts?

The script for season 1 episode 10, The Call Of The Wild,  is available to download from the BBC’s writersroom website: go to


Writersroom also has a lot of great information, inspiring stories and details of writing competitions and opportunities, so it’s a good place to get started writing.

I’m a writer – how would I go about getting a job writing Wolfblood?

If you’re an experienced writer with previous TV or film credits, get your agent to contact CBBC in the usual way.

If you don’t have an agent or previous experience, your best way to get noticed is via BBC Writers Room, who hold  ‘open calls’ for scripts by new writers every few months. If you send in your script and they like it, they might recommend you to write for Wolfblood (or some other show). Follow the directions on their site http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom

How does an episode of Wolfblood get written? What’s the process?

Check out this post


I have ideas for episodes/ plot lines you could use in future seasons/ Wolfblood fan fiction: can I send them to you? 

I’ve tried being polite about this, and people are ignoring it, so let me make this very clear. YOU MUST NOT SEND ME PLOT IDEAS, SUGGESTIONS, OR EVEN WOLFBLOOD FAN FICTION. EVER. If people keep doing so, I will have to close down this site.

Writers and production companies have to be very careful that they don’t lay themselves open to accusations of stealing ideas. There have been cases with other shows where fans have sued the show for ‘stealing’ ideas from their fan fiction, or from episode ideas they’ve sent in without being asked. The best defence we have have against that is never to read any ideas submitted by anyone outside the show.

So none of us are allowed to read any suggestions, ideas, plot suggestions, fan fiction, or anything related to Wolfblood. It doesn’t matter if you promise not to sue – we still can’t read it. It doesn’t matter if you say it’s just for fun – we still can’t read it. It doesn’t matter what you say – we still can’t read it! So please don’t send anything, via this blog or anywhere else.

How long does it take to film an episode of Wolfblood?

That’s hard to answer, because we don’t start at the beginning and work to the end: all the scenes in one location are filmed first, then all the scenes in another, and so on.

If we’re filming in a location – say, in the school canteen – we’ll shoot the canteen-based scenes from two or three different episodes in the same day, to save time. The most time-comsuming (and therefore expensive) part of filming is moving people and equipment from location to location, so we arrange filming so we move as little as possible.

At a guess, it takes between five and six working days to shoot an episode, depending on how many moves between locations, how many stunts, and how many complicated scenes there are.

Is there a real village called Stoneybridge? Or a real school called Bradlington High?

No. See the next question…

Where is Wolfblood filmed?

The village we use as Stoneybridge is Blanchlands, in Northumbria. The school, the woods, and most of the other locations are within a few miles of there, and city locations are  in nearby Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

How do you do the yellow eyes?

Mostly contact lenses, sometimes CGI (when we actually see them change).

What’s your favourite episode? Your favourite character?

People keep asking me these questions, and they’re impossible to answer. When you write something, no part of it, no individual character, is your favourite. You love every part of it for different reasons.

Which character is most like you?

None of the characters is exactly like me, but I suppose the closest to me as a teenager  is Shannon…

What would happen if a Wolfblood and a human had a child together? Would the baby be human or Wolfblood?

Depends. Being Wolfblood is genetic, so the baby would either inherit the human genes and be human, or the Wolfblood ones, and be Wolfblood. So some of their children would be Wolfblood and some human.

What happens to the characters’ clothes when they transform?

CBBC rules forbid us to show the characters naked, or even imply that they’re naked offscreen. So we have to pretend that the clothes somehow vanish with them and then reappear. Of course it makes no logical sense, really, but we have no other option.

In the third season episode “The Dark Of The Rune”, all Wolfbloods in the world fall into a coma due to a mysterious comet. Our heroes find a solution – but what about Maddy and her parents in Canada, and all the other Wolfbloods worldwide? What happened to them?

I didn’t write that episode, but my understanding is that the solution our characters find puts a kind of ‘shield’ around the comet, cutting off its effects all across the planet. So basically, everyone else woke up at the same time Rhydian and Jana did.

Do you write differently for children than for adults? Do you ever think “Oh, we can’t do that in a children’s show”?

Not really, no. Any story you can tell to adults, you can tell to children. You may just tell it a little differently. Over the years, we’ve dealt with parental abandonment, bullying, emotional abuse within families, the care system, and Shannon being wrongly sent to a psychiatrist – all pretty serious topics. it’s a just a question of how you present the subject within the story.

If you had the chance to become a wolfblood, would you?

It would be nice to be athletic, and the enhanced sight and hearing would be useful. On the other hand, I’m really bad at keeping secrets – so I’d better say no…

If you were a wolfblood, would you want to be tame or wild?

As much I love wandering around in the countryside, I think I’d have to go for ‘tame’ in the end. I couldn’t do without a bath and a nice comfy bed!

How did Maddy’s parents meet? And where do you imagine other wolfbloods meeting each other in general?

I would think settled Wolfbloods find ways to meet up – secret events, perhaps? Every community has its big events and rituals. As for how Daniel and Emma met… well, maybe one day we’ll find out!

Do you believe in people transforming into wolves/ werewolves in real life?

I believe in things we have evidence for, and so far, there’s no evidence for werewolves or anything like them. However, the idea is a great way to explore the dark side that we all have, and how we choose to deal with it…

I’ve noticed that Maddy and other characters often say ‘us’ instead of ‘me’. Is that the local dialect?

Yes, in the Northumbria/ Newcastle area, it’s perfectly normal to use ‘us’ instead of ‘me’.

What’s the language spoken by the wild wolfbloods?

That’s Welsh. This particular wild pack came originally from Wales, but were disturbed by human activity and relocated somewhere north of Stoneybridge  (probably somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland, but wild Wolfbloods aren’t exactly experts in geography…)

My question isn’t answered here!

If your question really isn’t answered here, then PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY before posting your question below.

– DO state your question clearly and simply. I get a lot of vague questions like  “When will it show here?”  (“It” being which season? “Here” being where?)  So try to state your question clearly and briefly…

– DON’T repost your question if it doesn’t appear immediately. All comments to this site have to be moderated by me, and if I’m busy, I may not do that for several hours.

– DON’T ASK A QUESTION THAT’S ALREADY ANSWERED IN THE FAQ. You’re just wasting my time, and I’ll probably delete it unanswered.

– DON’T bother asking what’s going to happen in upcoming episodes. The only response you will ever get is  “no spoilers”.

– DON’T ask me to find information for you when you can find it yourself. You want to know if a cast member is on Facebook? Go look on Facebook. You want to know how much a Wolfblood episode is on iTunes? Go look on iTunes.

– DO be realistic about whether I can actually do what you’re asking (let alone whether I should!)  I’ve had people ask me to get them an acting agent, help them direct their first movie, help them get their novel published, and even get them a date with a member of the cast – none of which I can do!

Bearing all of that in mind, feel free to leave your question in the comments section below, and I’ll answer it as soon as I can…

137 comments on “Wolfblood FAQ

  1. Noelle Geron says:

    What kind of wolves are wolfbloods like artic,grey etc. Can they be any kind of wolf or are they all the same?

  2. Clara says:

    Will season 4 come out in 2015 or 2016?
    And one other question, how long will it take to find out who is going to be on the cast?

  3. kkstefos says:

    What happens if a wolfblood dyes their hair? Their fur in wolf form has the new colour?

  4. In Australia, Wolfblood S4 will most likely be aired on ABC3 which you can then watch on ABC iView. But we probably won’t get to watch it at the same time as UK viewers.

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Would you be able to to tell me the word Meinir used to challenge Jana in the last Jana Bites episode? Please and thank you :)

  6. dotdotdot says:

    to Noelle Geron
    mads rhydians and jana’s wolves are timber wolves- well the smiths anyways. This was said by dr whitewood in ‘the discovery’- 48% wolf DNA, 52 human :D

    • Noelle Geron says:

      Thank you

    • Gabby says:

      If a very tame and sensible wolfblood transforms in a bedroom at the full moon can they steel trash and break out of the house or the bedroom and not remember what happened, is the pull of the moon that strong?

      • debbiemoon says:

        Wolfbloods normally remember what happens during full moon (Rhydian blanked out his first transformation from trauma). But yes, while they might be able to resist the impulse and stay indoors, they might not be able to…

  7. Lcd13 says:

    I was just wondering what the approximate time gap between season 2 and season 3 is?

  8. Even though you can’t confirm who will actually be in wolfblood series four, I was wondering which characters you have included in the scripts or not or series four. (Because you’ve written them without knowing who’s going to confirm their place right?). For example are you planning on having jana or Tom back? Aran and meinir? Shan and rhydian? I’m terribly sorry if you can’t say because its a spoiler or you want us to wait and find out ourselves, but I guess I’m interested (with a major passion) to know who’s going to be in it in the scripts because I’m aware you can’t comfirm it in the filming area.
    Thanks for reading and kind regards :)

  9. Julianna says:

    since you aren’t recasting the role for Maddy who will Rhydian have love interests with or will they still love each other

  10. Milly says:

    Before a wolfblood is old enough to transform so when they are a cub can they still wolf out like yellow eyes, veins, fangs, claws etc

  11. Noelle Geron says:

    I was watching an interview of the actors who play rhydain and shannon (bobby lockwood and Louisa) and they said they were excited about season four. Does that mean that they are waiting to see if they can come back, are they confirmed, do you have too say if they can come back or not,i always thought that old characters just got to come back if they wanted but do you guys have to say so first?
    (Hope this made sense)

  12. Dan says:

    couldn’t you just say she got bitten by a real wolf and for some unknown reason she can’t turn back now.

    • debbiemoon says:

      The plain fact is, we’re interested in telling stories about people who transform, not about a wolf. So we’ve gone in a different direction with the series.

  13. Katlyn says:

    Do you know where to get the wolfblood clothing designs for example I really like Janas boots she wears in the wild and she turns up in stoney bridge wearing, I want to know where u can buy them or buy something like them thanks!

  14. Katlyn says:

    Ah ok don’t worry

  15. I wanted to now when season 4 will be out

  16. kkstefos says:

    Maddy? I don’t want her to die… I love her and I hope she comes back

  17. fan says:

    I tried to think of some original questions:
    What scenes are your favorite to film, night or day?
    What was the hardest scene to film?
    What actor/actress is least like their character?
    What is the most difficult location to film at?
    What character do you think has grown, or “matured”, over the past 2/3 seasons?
    Thanks so much for answering! xx

    • debbiemoon says:

      First two questions: I’m not on set during filming, so I don’t really know. I know the actors prefer day filming to night filming, though – because it’s usually warmer!
      Most of the actors are not much like their characters, so that’s a difficult one too…
      Up on the moors is the most difficult location: there’s so much wind noise that all dialogue has to be re-recorded later, and in bad weather, it can be difficult even to get to the locations.
      All our characters have – deliberately – grown and matured throughout the series. Maddy became an alpha, Rhydian moved from lone wolf to pack member, Shannon learned to place loyalty about scientific curiosity, Tom learned his own strengths and fell in love (twice!)…

  18. z0ry says:


    I have two questions:
    Is it observed more rare cases of divorce or separation in wolfblood couples than in humans? I’m curious, because the wolves are monogamous animals. In the series Ceri and Gerwyn reunited after a separation. Rhydian, on the other side, was determined to find Maddy and he did it. He chose to be with her, although it was hard to leave his family and friends.

    And my second question – On a new moon all wolf traces disappear. What happens in full moon? Can a blood sample from wolfblood in full moon prove that he’s a half-wolf? As we seen in the series, after a transformation in full moon the wolfbloods can control themselves and recognize people. Is that mean that they don’t completely lose their human side?

    Thank you!

    • debbiemoon says:

      I don’t think the separation rate among Wolfblood couples is much different to human couples. Love is love, sometimes it endures and sometimes it doesn’t: among Wolfbloods as well as humans…

      I’m not sure we ever thought about this, but logically – if their blood is fully human at dark moon, then it must be fully wolf at full moon (while they’re in wolf form).

  19. Victoria says:

    Is Rdyain going to be in season 4?

  20. fan says:

    Are you proud of how far Wolfblood has grown? And how far do you see Wolfblood going to?

  21. Carlie says:

    How do you not get frustrated at the constant “Is (so and so) coming back for Season 4″ and the endless begging Aimee Kelly to return & associated questions that you have already answered? I mean I get that I’m a little older than the intended age range/ viewership for the show, but a little reading comprehension should be utilized by everyone no matter their age, right? The FAQ is the first thing on the page, it’s nearly impossible to miss & all the oft asked questions are answered in that section.

    • debbiemoon says:

      Well, they’re kids….

      • Carlie says:

        Yeah, you have a point there. It just occasionally comes across as some thinking if they ask the same question enough times, that all of a sudden the response from you will change ( like from a “no (that’s not going to happen/ that person won’t be coming back) to a yes answer”)…which is unlikely. I’m probably overthinking it though and you’ve perhaps grown accustomed to getting those types of questions.

      • kkstefos says:

        I am 16 and I do know that Aimee Kelly(Maddy) won’t be coming back for season 4. However I really hope that she could come back! She had the starring role!

  22. mckenna says:

    maddy no she the perfect acttress for maddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Noelle Geron says:

    Is it possible to be half wolfblood like if one of your parents were wolfblood but the other wasn’t? Would they still have the same abilitys or would it be different? Would they be able to transfrom? Etc

  24. Noelle Geron says:

    Is it possible to be half wolfblood like if one of your parents were wolfblood but the other wasn’t? Would they still have the same abilitys or would it be different?

  25. kkstefos says:

    When you first started the series, did you study about wolves and werewolves?

  26. laura says:

    Hello Debbie
    When maddy and her parents were on the cargo ship to Canada what did they do on a full moon?

  27. Winnie says:

    What language does Jimmy speak?

  28. Amelia says:

    It is mentioned in s3 that there is an old wolfblood language called Argensprite (I don’t know how to spell it), is there any way of learning it?

  29. Aimee says:

    Hi Debbie, do you know if the actors are already cast??

  30. Ophie says:

    Would cast/writer commentaries ever be a possibility for future DVD releases or is it something that would simply take too much time & effort to do while filming and everything else associated with creating the show?

    • debbiemoon says:

      The company that released the DVDs would decide what extras they wanted to include. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’d be happy to record commentaries were they required…

  31. Lufkinz says:

    This is a weird question but do you ever think race was an issue among wolfbloods?

  32. Bobbi says:

    Hello there! I was wondering if you could answer my question!

    When Maddy went to Canda and Rhydian went shortly after, was the scene(s) actually shot in Canada?

  33. Bodart says:

    Why is it taking so long to CBBC announcing who will and who won’t return for season 4?

  34. rowen walkley says:

    I would like to audition for wolfblood could you email me what I would need to do

  35. rowen walkley says:

    I would like to audition for wolfblood could you please send me what I would have to do

  36. Fuentes Vic says:

    I was skimming theough the questions and answers (and i did take a second look at them) i wonder why Aimee (Maddy) left. Was there a particular reason? What about her parents?

    • debbiemoon says:

      She left to go to college.
      Maddy’s parents are no longer in the series simply because Maddy is no longer in the series. There was no way to keep them without her.

      • NoName says:

        Would you ever consider finding someone different to play Maddy or bring someone in that would have a close relationship with Rhydian like she did?

      • debbiemoon says:

        Re-casting – answered in the FAQ.
        Future relationships – you’ll have to wait and see…

      • kkstefos says:

        If you think that in any point in the future Rhydian should get in a new relationship, I’d love her to be a really girly wolfblood
        But as always Aimee is by me prefered
        Hope that she can come back someday in the future

      • Fuentes Vic says:

        Oh alright then.

  37. Lors_WolfbloodFanatic says:

    Is having your first transformation on Wolfblood a bit like puberty, it doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone?

  38. Lors_WolfbloodFanatic says:

    What happens if a wolfblood gives birth while in wolf form, would the offspring be babies or cubs? Also would it affect the number born, because, obviously, wolves have large litters?

    • debbiemoon says:

      I expect Wolfbloods don’t give birth at full moon for those very reasons…

      • Lors_WolfbloodFanatic says:

        But something like that can’t really be controlled
        I the offspring were/was born as wolf cubs would they stay as wolf cubs until when their first change or would they transform into human babies (a human baby)?

      • debbiemoon says:

        As I just said, they don’t give birth in wolf form.

      • kkstefos says:

        It is a kids show so I dont think its even allowed to show such things
        If it was a teen show it could make some crazy plots like a baby born in wolf form and when his/her 1st transformation comes he/she becomes human during the full moon and then back to wolf

  39. Lors_WolfbloodFanatic says:

    Don’t you ever think Wolfblood would develop more as a show if it was a 12-rating rather than a PG?
    I have always thought it would benefit more being a programme for teenagers rather than kids…
    And you could involve deeper and heavier situations, which I think is the only thing that Wolfblood is missing.
    I mean surely there are times when you wanted to just slip in a curse or a slightly more intimate or violent scene, but you couldn’t because it’s for kids?

    • debbiemoon says:

      Wolfblood was always designed for the 8 – 12 audience, and always will be. That clearly doesn’t prevent everyone else from enjoying it, though.

      • Lors_WolfbloodFanatic says:

        That is so true, I love Wolfblood no matter what, but if it wasn’t limited the way it is that would be great

  40. Lors_WolfbloodFanatic says:

    I have always thought that Wolfblood is best watched in front of a cosy fire, with a hot drink on a winter evening, do you ever feel that way?

  41. Lors_WolfbloodFanatic says:

    I know you don’t know exactly, but I was wondering when-ish S4 will be coming.
    I read earlier that it was more likely to be in 2016, so I was just wondering if it will be coming out at the same time of year as the S1,2&3 (September-October time)

  42. Sarah says:

    I must say, I really like the fact that you and the other writers never made the parents on the show look or act like idiots who just don’t understand. Too often in American shows, the kids are overly sassy and the parents are clueless and never present. It was nice to see caring teachers, parents, and guardians who were involved and actually treated as knowledgeable. Maddy’s parents were great in different ways, her mother specifically was strict but mostly fair & her dad was hilarious, Tom’s mother was a doctor who still helped him with his school work, Ceri was there for Jana more and more. You didn’t even shy away from portraying the severity of how awful it was for Gerwyn to abandon his family, but still had it clear that while that was a terrible action, he wasn’t a terrible person.

    • debbiemoon says:

      Thanks! There’s always a delicate balance with kids’ shows – if the parents are around too much, there’s no danger, but you don’t want them to seem uncaring or dumb either. I think we did a pretty good job with our parents…

  43. Unknown says:

    How come you let Maddy and Rhydian get so close just before she left? Surely you would have known it would have a bad effect on the viewers. Which is one of the reasons why people are still asking for maddy to come back after 2 years of her leaving, they liked how close her and rhydian got as well as being a great actress.

    • debbiemoon says:

      Firstly, season two was written long before we knew Aimee Kelly was leaving. Secondly, we tell the stories we want to tell, for as long as we can. What were we supposed to do with he character in season two, put her in a corner and ignore her? We told the story that best served those characters and engaged the audience – even if the ending was sad.

  44. Ich says:

    i just saw season 3 episode 13 at the end you can see Maddy and rhydian to getter I think it would be a nice start to see them falling in love again would be pretty cool to make that happen thanks for reading

  45. NoName says:

    When did you find out Aimee Kelly was leaving because I watched a interview of her after season 2 and she was saying how you had already started writing season 3 and she was speaking as if she wasn’t leaving?

  46. Lisa says:

    Will Wolfblood have any new characters? Or will Rhydian, Tom, Jana, and Shannon just be the main ones? I’m not asking if you’re replacing them, i’m asking if you’ll add some more to their “pack”.

  47. Bella Nikov says:

    This storyline is amazing, Nowadays people like superrnatural fantasy things like Twilight. But i think the show will be much more popular if it was for older people, like 16+ or just a more mature version of it on Netflix or something. Thats not going to happen but many people are looking for a wolf show. And this show is semi-childish, not rough enough for some. I think thats why its on cbbc. Anyways the show is great for my little sister.

  48. Helina says:

    I would have to disagree because in season 2 the last episode he reunites with maddie. So they were already together, I’m hoping that maybe they can make that ending a dream for rhydian or something because I don’t want him to leave the show. If he does then already we lost 2 main characters. However, I think what maddie and rhydian had was special and I think if someone replaces her and the replacement is his new love interest, a lot of the viewers would feel like rhydian just forgot about maddie. That’s what I would think anyways. I do think it would be a good idea to treat her but I completely understand why the director and people on set wouldn’t want to do that.

    • debbiemoon says:

      Technical correction: “the director and the people on set” don’t make that decision. The writers do.

    • kkstefos says:

      Helina I tottaly agree with you! I think that the love between Maddy and Rhydian should stay intact but that is hard. If a new wolfblood comes to the show and Rhydian develops a relationship that means Maddy’s character won’t be needed in the future. And anything that means Aimee Kelly won’t ever return in the show I dislike it. Rhydian should never forget Maddy. And if a new wolfblood comes I think that it should be a boy and if not it should be a girly girl

  49. Helina says:

    Oh sorry

  50. NoName says:

    Is Aimee Kelly still close friends with you and the cast of wolfblood?

    • debbiemoon says:

      I was never exactly “close friends” with the cast: I only see them three or four days a year. As for whether she’s in contact with the rest of the cast: I don’t know, you’d have to ask them…

  51. NoName says:

    If rhydian decided to quit would you cancel the show or just bring new character in? Also what year are they in and would you continue filming wolfblood after they have left school?

  52. NoName says:

    Is there a website like this one so you can ask questions to the cast?

  53. Clara says:

    It would be amazing if there was a blonde girl wolfblood. It would also be pretty cool if she was more girly then how Maddy and Jona were.

  54. One of the reasons you should never trust wolfblood:
    The writers know how to think of the cleverest ideas that no fan would think of!

  55. debbiemoon says:

    When we’re casting, we don’t pay any attention to what colour the actor’s hair is. We just want the best actor for the role.

  56. Also pains in the feet!:)

  57. Lauren Solomon says:

    I have to say I’d agree about recasting her. I think the show would be a ton better with the character in it. I don’t think many people would mind it being a different actress.

  58. Bella Nikov says:

    I think so too!

  59. NoName says:

    I agree I think they should re cast it or bring someone in to have that close relationship with Rhydian like she did

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