Wolfblood Season Five

At last, I can confirm that season five of Wolfblood will be screened on the CBBC channel from the 27th February 2017. That’s one episode a week, on Mondays at  4:30pm – check times for future episodes, it may vary!

With the secret no longer a secret, the world has changed for Jana, Matei, Selina, TJ and Imara. Suddenly they’re the most visible wolfbloods on the planet, and everyone has an opinion about what they did. Some humans are excited by the reveal of this new species – and some are hostile and scared. As tensions rise on both sides, difficult choices lie ahead…

I really think this season is some of the best work we’re ever done – and sadly, the themes of the series are more relevant to the real world than ever. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

And if you want to remind yourself of the Wolfblood world, remember that the final five episodes of Wolfblood Secrets are on CBBC from Monday 20th February, all week, at 10:20 am!


14 comments on “Wolfblood Season Five

  1. I finally got to watching Wolfblood Secrets today. Yeah, it really is relevant. That was awesome. Jones was an amazing character. I look forward to the rest of season 5.

  2. It doesn't even matter says:

    I’m confused, what do you mean by ‘sadly, the themes of the series are more relevant to the real world than ever’?

  3. It doesn't even matter says:

    Also, in the above video, who is the guy in the background? I think I’ve seem him befor in season 5.

    Finally, when will we see the white wolf again?

  4. TerryJ74 says:

    I really enjoy the series -which I came across by accident on cbbc but then caught the rest of series 5 up on iplayer, the locations are obviously around Newcastle -in episode 5.4 the shadow in the light- is the office block of Mr Hartington actually in Newcastle too as I couldn’t get my bearings on what road it was beside or if it was in Newcastle. Are the exterior scenes only shot in Newcastle and all interior shots in a studio in London or elsewhere please? Thanks

    • debbiemoon says:

      Everything, indoors and out, is shot in Newcastle & Gateshead, and the surrounding area. I’m not sure where that particular location is, but it’s there somewhere…

  5. Mixkey227 says:

    Hey debbie, season 5 has been absolutely riveting, ive just watched season 5 episode 10 and i loved the ending so much. I have to ask is this the end? I feel like wolfblood is one of those stories that can never die. The last scene with jana teaching the cub eyolas was inspiring, I believe there could be another season but if not I’d love there too me a reunion episode. If wolfblood was to come to an end everyone needs too be there. It wouldn’t be wolfblood without the original cast, Maddie, Rhydian, Tom and shannon are what started this series and they should be there too finish it. Reply when you get the chance. Thank you x

    • debbiemoon says:

      As I say in the FAQ, CBBC haven’t decided yet.

      • Mixkey227 says:

        Thank you for responding. Please can you inform us as soon as you do have any news. Also I believe that if the BBC does agree to proceed with the series they should highlight the relationship between robbin and katrenia. Its clear to see that there is a spark between them too and it would be nice to see a same sex couple on the show. Also id would be amazing if the original actors/actresses would appear, it would really be a heartwarming way to bring the show too an end.

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