about me

I’m a screenwriter, currently based in Sussex, England.  I’ve written a couple of short films, episodes for CBBC’s  The Sparticle Mystery, two episodes of Hinterland (Y Gwyll), and I’m the creator and lead writer of Wolfblood, a supernatural drama for CBBC that’s currently in it’s fifth season…  And I have the usual clutch of film and television projects in development.

As a child, my primary interest was science fiction: later I moved onto superheroes and action movies. Most of my work falls somewhere in the area of crime, thriller, action, SF, or psychological horror.  Mostly I write about ordinary people being tested to the limit by extraordinary situations, with a bit of humour and some nerdy in-jokes.

I’ve also written about fifty published short stories, co-written a radio play with Ruth Jones, and  wrote a novel,  Falling, which was long-listed for Welsh Book Of The Year 2004, and which you can still get as an e-book –


My agent is Cynthia Okoye at Curtis Brown (London).

Favourite movies and television:  The Prestige, Leverage, The Bourne Supremacy, Peaky Blinders, Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai, Burn Notice, Death To Smoochy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Being Human, Snowpiercer, Star Wars, and many many more…

When I’m not sat at my laptop thinking up new ways to blow stuff up, I can be found hiking across hills, gardening, or drinking tea and eating cake.

DISCLAIMERS:  please don’t send me your story ideas, whether for Wolfblood or for original projects. I can’t read them for copyright reasons – and I have more than enough ideas of my own, thanks!

While I’m happy to offer general advice about writing, unfortunately I don’t have time to read anyone’s work and give notes or personalised advice. There are sites online where you can ‘exchange’ notes with other writers, which is a great way to improve as a writer.

And unfortunately, I can’t help you get published, or get you a job writing (or acting, or anything else) for television. There’s lots of advice, on this blog and elsewhere, on how to find your way into writing or other arts professions, and you really do need to find your own path to success…

4 comments on “about me

  1. I just wanted to thank you for Wolfblood. I don’t care that it’s marketed towards kids…my friends and I are in our late 20’s and are ECSTATIC that such a well-written show about werewolves (our personal favorite) is now available for viewing in the US. Please keep making this great show!

    • It is a great show and very well written. I’m enjoying it even though I am 46- CBBC didn’t even exist when I was the age of its target audience. CBBC show and I am in the UK and I had to get US DVDs- that or ones in German. Not sure why but I’m sure that isn’t Debbie Moon’s fault. It’ll be either a BBC decision or one by the other company who the DVD says its a co-production with I expect. Still odd though.

  2. clpeate says:

    Love Wolfblood (sit watching with my daughters aged 10 and 12!). I wondered how you got an agent and if you have any tips. So far in my writing career (also published by Honno) I’ve managed without but I think it would really help to get me out there as a script writer. Thanks – Claire

    • debbiemoon says:

      Having some ‘heat’ always helps- getting a novel published, a play staged, interest from a producer. I landed my agent partly through being recommended by someone at Channel 4, partly because a film company were interested in one of my scripts. Have a couple of really polished scripts that show your range ready to send, and just start contacting agents. May take a while, but well worth it.

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