Wolfblood Season Three: Endings And Beginnings!

So Wolfblood season three has come to its dramatic conclusion! We really tried to do something different this season – to widen the Wolfblood world and to bring some resolution to a lot of long-running storylines and character relationships – and I hoped you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed writing and making it.
After three seasons, we’ve reached that inevitable point where the original cast begin to think about going off to work on new projects. Indeed, that’s already happened. As you will have noticed, Aimee Kelly, who plays Maddy, decided to leave the show at the end of season two to return to college.
Without Maddy to lead the pack, the show has changed dramatically – and you know what? That’s exactly what should happen. Change is the lifeblood of drama. All of our favourite moments in TV series, if we really think about them, are driven by change. Any show that churns out the same plots and the same character arcs season after season will stagnate and die.
If we are recommissioned for a fourth season – and as yet, there’s no word about that – I dare say that some other cast members will decide to move on as well. (And no, there’s no point in bombarding me with questions about who’s going and who’s staying! I don’t know at this stage, and I wouldn’t be releasing that information yet even if I did…)
So if the fourth season does happen, it will introduce new characters – and some familiar ones, of course! – and new situations and new facets of the Wolfblood world.
I look at this as being an exciting new adventure – and if we get the chance to set off on it, I hope that you’ll come along!

UPDATE –  all the latest news on season 4 is here https://debbiemoon.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/wolfblood-season-four-casting-news/


25 comments on “Wolfblood Season Three: Endings And Beginnings!

  1. Michelle says:

    Honestly, the show is so much better with Maddy and Rhydian. Along with Shannon and Tom.

    • SHARNA says:

      Wolfblood has came to an end the truth is out, nomore turning back. I wish another one came out with the same actors, and with a fun story line.

  2. Silva says:

    Why not they are amazing

  3. Jaden Fivekiller says:

    Maddie should return if for nothing more then to reunite with Rhydian and to catch the fans up on what she n her family has been doing since they left. As for Sharron Kelley that girl needs slapped a few dozen times. She is always in someone’s business but her own. The show makes too much out of her needy and mental disorder of always wanting people’s attention n sympathy. The K’s need slapped down like little dogs they are allowed to run amuck. The Season 4 has a chance to make some needed changes so hopefully the show can continue. CBBC annoys me like most networks they get awesome shows n drop them. I loved Strange Empire but cancelled after the 1st season, Copper was an awesome show on BBC that was cancelled just as ABC/NBC/CBS like to cancel their good shows n leave stupid Mike and Molly, 2 broke girls, the big bang series n other stupid shows while cancelling good shows like Blood and Oil

    • Liz says:

      Guy’s you should accept what the writers have done and besides it makes since. i mean people and life has changes. That and season 4 is more about Jana and Jana’s life has taken her away from Stoney bridge. Just like you could have friends that move and just because they moved doesn’t mean there life is over. bye

  4. Sophie says:

    Wel pals! Maddy should return wit rhydian cause there must be a little romance but wat of jana she loves rhydian also so how is it gonna be and also let tom and shannon be wolfbloods also to make the pack more interesting! The season 3 is not even complete

  5. yesenia says:

    Can u name the actors who do not want to come back

  6. Baisha says:

    I hate this i want maddy back i love maddy and rhydian relationship in season 1 and 2

  7. Leeanna Ward says:

    I miss Maddy in season 3.

  8. Savanah says:

    Are they going to make a season 4

  9. Tia says:

    I wish maddie and rhydian came back without them its getting boring

    • Hannah says:

      I’ve stopped watching it now and pretty much everyone else I know has too cause maddy and rhydian have gone why can’t they get similar looking actors to play their role then it would be better

  10. Lyli Hampton says:

    I just wanna say the to the Director you need to let the people that played maddie rydien Shannon and tom that thanks to them the show is ruined. They were the main people and without them the show is going down, thanks to them there going to cause wolfblood to go off air and there’s others that feel the same way

  11. Laura says:

    I agree Maddie and Rhydian are why I watched. You should at least finish that romance with them getting together somehow…running off in the woods together… Or something. Leaving it open and her disappearing was just a downer. You left all us romantics seriously depressed

  12. Cerberus says:

    I’m an American who has truly fallen in love with wolf blood but what broke my heart was maddy,rhydian,shanon,and Tom’s leaving if ur not bringing them back st least find look alikes.wolfblood isn’t the same without them😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • debbiemoon says:

      As I say in the FAQ, elsewhere on the site, we don’t recast – it’s insulting to the old actors and the new ones. The actors chose to leave, we wish them well, and the show is moving on with exciting new characters and stories.

      • windelyn says:

        I’m from Philippines, i watch WB an its really fantastic, woderful, its too sad without the past actors, but i understand. but the people/ who loves WB at s2and3 they really want to come back those who left.

  13. SKYLER says:

    seeing dis show witout d stars of d show makes me puke

  14. grace says:

    i wish that something happens in season 5 where they have to come back and help amilia \,matie,jana ect but i wish the origanl cast would come back.

  15. Amber Gavin says:

    Debbie Moon, seasons 1 to 3 were absolutely well written. This show has made me laugh and cry so hard . I’m still trying to get over season 3 finale. That was so emotional. Although Amiee Kelly’s appearance would have been better, I do love the idea that they would reunite as wolves. Thank you again to you and the others to have made such a wonderful show that has truly impacted me.

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