Wolfblood Season Three: Endings And Beginnings!

So Wolfblood season three has come to its dramatic conclusion! We really tried to do something different this season – to widen the Wolfblood world and to bring some resolution to a lot of long-running storylines and character relationships – and I hoped you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed writing and making it.
After three seasons, we’ve reached that inevitable point where the original cast begin to think about going off to work on new projects. Indeed, that’s already happened. As you will have noticed, Aimee Kelly, who plays Maddy, decided to leave the show at the end of season two to return to college.
Without Maddy to lead the pack, the show has changed dramatically – and you know what? That’s exactly what should happen. Change is the lifeblood of drama. All of our favourite moments in TV series, if we really think about them, are driven by change. Any show that churns out the same plots and the same character arcs season after season will stagnate and die.
If we are recommissioned for a fourth season – and as yet, there’s no word about that – I dare say that some other cast members will decide to move on as well. (And no, there’s no point in bombarding me with questions about who’s going and who’s staying! I don’t know at this stage, and I wouldn’t be releasing that information yet even if I did…)
So if the fourth season does happen, it will introduce new characters – and some familiar ones, of course! – and new situations and new facets of the Wolfblood world.
I look at this as being an exciting new adventure – and if we get the chance to set off on it, I hope that you’ll come along!

UPDATE –  all the latest news on season 4 is here https://debbiemoon.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/wolfblood-season-four-casting-news/

9 comments on “Wolfblood Season Three: Endings And Beginnings!

  1. Amber Gavin says:

    Debbie Moon, seasons 1 to 3 were absolutely well written. This show has made me laugh and cry so hard . I’m still trying to get over season 3 finale. That was so emotional. Although Amiee Kelly’s appearance would have been better, I do love the idea that they would reunite as wolves. Thank you again to you and the others to have made such a wonderful show that has truly impacted me.

  2. Robert Glover says:

    I’m mad because I thought this was gone be my new show that I was gone Watch more but I was on the third season in two days now that she’s gone and the rest of the other cast is gone I’m just like wth was the point of creating the show cuz when they kissed I was like oh this is going to be on of my shows but now it’s like bye 👋 I hope that you make another show and it’s better and with the same character or another season but it was good While it lasted

    • Mel says:

      Estoy de acuerdo con este sujeto ya q sin Maddy es como que falta algo o alguien en este caso. No me puedo creer este cambio tan brusco. Veré hasta que Maddy se separe de la manada y hasta que rhydian se reencuentro con ella.

    • Kirsten says:

      I’m mad to you should bring Matty back played a good part and was the Mose important person so plz bring her back somehow and if you can then I’m sad but it’s not my choice it’s yours I’m just saying every one misses matty plz bring her back plz

      • debbiemoon says:

        it’s not my choice either – it’s the actress’ choice! 🙂 However, Wolfblood was cancelled three years ago, after season five, so there’s nothing to be done about it now…

  3. Mel says:

    Nooo me pueden sacará al personaje más emocionante de la serie sin Maddy no se puede seguir con el romance entre ella y rhydian. Más vale q se terminen reencotrandl y se queden juntos por q si no me va a decepcionar la serie.

  4. KIRSTEN says:

    Hi I’m sayin you should bring matty back in wolfblood because she is the best cercter in the show ands I no how to bring her back you can send riydein to go get her cuz he was scared and alone so he goes on a quest to find matty it took him weeks to find her but he did he ran into her they hugged and kissed he told her mis Whitehead the doctor is not going to tell and she is helping rydeon told her she could come back and then the rest is up to you I hope you liked it and I inspired you to bring her back and thank you and text me on instagram and let me no plz follow me too it is kirstenellis4 please send me a text thank you for letting me tell you and I think ether people will like it to and she left right when ryiden asked her out so please have matty come back that will be my dream and you dont want to crush that



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